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That’s why many cinemas are boycotting the Marvel blockbuster>feeds>

July 08, 2021 – 2:48 pm clock

Started on July 8th

With “Black Widow”, the first Marvel blockbuster since the corona pandemic hit German cinemas on July 8th. That means: theoretically. Because film fans who want to see the history of the heroine Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson, 36) have a hard time finding the film in their programs at numerous cinemas. The Kinopolis group has meanwhile commented on this matter and explicitly commented on the film “Black Widow”.

Accordingly, “the terms and conditions for some films have changed to a considerable extent and unilaterally to the detriment of the cinemas.” Therefore “- despite all attempts at agreement – with a heavy heart, the use of ‘Black Widow’ must be dispensed with”. For example, the multiplex cinema Mathäser Filmpalast in Munich, which belongs to the Kinopolis group, also published this statement on its official Facebook page. The cinema company has 16 locations across Germany with over 140 screens, the Mathäser in the heart of Munich is one of the most popular cinemas in the country.

Just one day later on Disney +

In mid-May 2021, the four large companies Cineplex, Kinopolis, the Filmpalast and the Astor groups formed a negotiating group under the name “Cinema Family Group”, as the industry journal “Blickpunkt: Film” reported at the time. In this way, common interests should be represented. Even if the other members of this “Cinema Family Group” have not yet commented specifically on “Black Widow”, Marvel fans have been looking in vain for the strip on their program plans, writes “Blickpunkt: Film”. At the request of the news agency spot on news, Disney did not want to make a statement on the issue of “Black Widow” at this point in time.

“Black Widow” will be available from Disney’s in-house streaming service Disney + from July 9th, just one day after its cinema release. In addition to the normal subscription costs of 8.99 euros per month, an additional 21.99 euros are due for VIP access. Disney + customers who do not want to pay this surcharge will have to wait until October 6th. Then “Black Widow” is also included in the regular subscription.

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