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Not seen in the films: Does Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” series show this character?

Peter Jackon’s films for “The Lord of the Rings” are modern classics – a series on Amazon will follow soon. Image: Warner Bros.

Not seen in the films: Does Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings” series show this character?

With a series on “The Lord of the Rings”, Amazon is pushing its big fantasy project, which is even supposed to put “Game of Thrones” in the shade: The costs for the first season alone should be the equivalent of around 390 million euros, now it has to Deliver streaming service. Although numerous actors have already been announced, there are still predominantly question marks hanging over the characters that will be seen.

The first image in the series was recently revealed: The two glowing trees in the background are probably the trees of Valinor. In the foreground of the picture, on the other hand, a person can be seen from behind, whose identity remains unclear for the time being. Now the fans on “Reddit” are discussing who it could be.

“The Lord of the Rings” picture puzzles fans

With the creation of the two trees, the First Age began in the Tolkien cosmos and it was ended with their destruction. Thus, the picture also provides a temporal classification. However, the upcoming series is actually set in the Second Age. The assumption is therefore that the creators first show the audience a prologue that goes back further in terms of content.

As expected, the first picture from the upcoming Amazon series keeps fans busy. Image: Amazon

That would also have consequences for potential characters who could appear on the show. The user “TheManFromFarAway” speculates on “Reddit”, that the figure in the picture is the Noldo-Elf Glorfindel. He lived in Middle-earth in the First and Third Ages – this is possible because he will be reborn after his death.

Glorfindel did not appear in person in Peter Jackson’s films. Accordingly, the idea that he could now be present in the series perks up some Tolkien fans. His name translates as The Golden Haired or Golden Hair, which also coincides with the assumption of numerous fans that the character in the photo is blonde anyway.

However, the user points out that Amazon would have to take enough time for Glorfindel anyway, after all, it only becomes tangible through its complete, sometimes very tragic story. So it would be only logical to introduce it as early as the First Age. So it says on the platform:

“I think the story of Glorfindel’s ‘first life,’ if you will, will mean that his return will have a much bigger impact on audiences. The fact that he’s an Elf, not a Maiar, and that he’s two thousand Having been dead for years will make his return even more meaningful. “

No certainty yet for Amazon viewers in the “Lord of the Rings” series

However, Glorfindel is not the only protagonist to be considered. For example, “earwen77” thinks it is more likely on Reddit that the picture shows Galadriel. After all, she will definitely make an appearance in the series, that’s already certain. The user also writes, however, that one cannot simply assume that the character in the photo is “someone important” at all.

Theoretically, as “Screenrant” suggests, the picture could still depict the High King Finwe, but his hair is darker. The same applies to his sons Fingolfin and Feanor. His other son Finarfin, on the other hand, has golden hair, so it’s a more realistic option.


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