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“No Way Home” Image Hides Announcing New MCU Villains? ·

We have known for a long time that the magician is involved in the MCU film. We can now guess its significance for the work and now we are finally getting a first impression.


“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is a real surprise bag in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The third solo prank by Peter Parker (Tom Holland) apparently takes him on an adventure across the multiverse, how else can we explain the confirmed return of Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Doc Ock (Alfred Molina)?

In addition to the figures mentioned, there is also the appearance of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” another indication that the friendly spider from the neighborhood will plunge into strange realities. After all, his next own film is called “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. Strange’s involvement in “No Way Home” had long been known, and he could become Peter ‘s new mentor after Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Now, thanks to a set picture, we’ve also got a first impression of the encounter between the two MCU heroes.

You can see the set photo of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” with Doctor Strange here on Twitter.

The building they are standing in front of could be the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York, where Doctor Strange resides. He doesn’t just seem to have a cameo in “No Way Home,” but also to make a decisive contribution to the history of the multiverse. Pictures of the new suits from Spider-Man suggest that the young Marvel hero can use magic with his costume, and Doctor Strange should certainly help him.

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Does Mister Negative really get into the MCU?

The truck in the background is also interesting in the picture. The lettering is clearly on it “FEAST” to recognize what should certainly ring a bell among Spider-Man fans. Because FEAST (Food, Emergency, Aid, Shelter and Training) is a charity for the homeless. Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) was already involved in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” socially, but FEAST could be more than just the next step for her.

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Because in the comics, FEAST was founded and directed by Martin Li. Behind the alleged philanthropist, however, there was also a dark side called Mister Negative, who rose to become the gang boss of Chinatown. Mister Negative has the power to use Darkforce and Lightforce, which he can control and generate. As a result, he can charge and strengthen objects with energy, but also corrupt people by touching them.

Mister Negative was the main villain in the popular Playstation video game “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and the FEAST organization may already announce that it will soon appear in the MCU. It is questionable whether Spider-Man himself will stay in the MCU at all. Due to the current Disney-Sony deal, it could also be that Peter Parker says goodbye to the multiverse in “No Way Home” in the film universe built by Sony with Marvel characters. Spider-Man could then meet Venom (Tom Hardy) after all.

We should get clarity at the earliest with the theatrical release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” on December 16, 2021 starts in the German movie theaters.

Do you only recognize the Marvel characters by their clothes? Figure it out:

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