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Neu-Anspach: The last video library in the Hochtaunuskreis remains in place despite Netflix and the like

In times of Netflix and Co, video rental shops are obsolete. In Neu-Anspach in the Hochtaunus district, an entrepreneur is still holding on.

Neu-Anspach – This summer, Andreas Bausch’s Neu-Anspach video library is celebrating its 15th anniversary. And that is something very special in times of streaming, as it is the last video library in the Hochtaunus district. It once opened its doors on July 1st on Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse, and anyone who wants to borrow something still has to go through the foyer in front of his shop, in which there are other shops on both sides. Everything here is somewhat reminiscent of a cinema, because film posters show the way, currently with Jim Knopf, Till Schweiger and other draft horses.

The interior is then clearly and generously furnished. The offer is primarily sorted by genre, the shelves for children are half-height so that they too can browse when accompanied by their parents. Bausch describes his company as a family video library, and the title “my video library”, under which it can also be found on the Internet, expresses his personal identification with the company.

Last video library in the Hochtaunuskreis: Corona has brought many newcomers

Bausch is a passionate film lover and distributor. When it comes to film questions, many would call him the joker on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, he has heard many times. He is undeniably an expert in this field and can therefore give the best advice – especially to newcomers who are only just discovering the medium of film for themselves. Films were a welcome change, especially in the Corona era, when one’s own four walls became the number one place to stay.

“However, most of them didn’t even know that I was open all the time during the lockdown,” he says. Corona had such an impact on the company. But only a little, because the cinemas were closed for a long time, and that in turn benefited him. And something else plays into the hands of the film distributor: “Technically, the demands are getting bigger and bigger, and the small format from the mobile phone display to the tablet to the PC screen is becoming less important.” The screens are getting bigger and bigger, and that also requires adequate technology. Blu-ray technology has therefore now established itself.

The last video store in the Hochtaunuskreis has customers from all over the Usinger Land

The streaming services, for which you don’t have to step out of the house, are indeed a competition, but if you think that this is a cheap pleasure, you should first do the math, because a lot can easily be added up. And by now his customers, who come from all over the Usinger Land, the Hochtaunus district and beyond, know this.

Bausch is very careful with the age rating and indexed films, and only registered adults are allowed to enter the erotic department through a separate door anyway. And that’s no longer a dirty corner, but a sought-after service.

The last video library in the Hochtaunuskreis has 10,000 titles on offer

For a cinema feeling at home, there is also ice cream, chips and coke in the video store, but you have to be at home for the movie evening by 8 p.m., because that’s when it’s time to go. You can browse and make reservations online, but Bausch usually has more than one copy of the top films. Almost 10,000 titles are currently available for rental from 1.70 euros daily price and access. So how about “Code Ava. Trained to kill”, a thriller with John Malkovich and Jessica Chastain, a favorite actress of Bausch, or with “Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13”, or – even wilder – with “Fifty Shades of Gray “.

It remains to be added that two parcel services also discovered the opening times and the convenient location of the video store. Further information at (By Frank Saltenberger)

Another important facility in Neu-Anspach had to announce the end in March 2021.



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