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“Kaiserschmarrndrama”: Eberhofer fever in Frontenhausen | BR24

Since it has been known that the fictional “Niederkaltenkirchen” is in real Frontenhausen, more and more fans of the cult village policeman from all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria have come to the Lower Bavarian market in the district of Dingolfing-Landau to follow in the footsteps of Franz Eberhofer go. Even bus trips are now offered. The focus: The Eberhofer roundabout at the entrance to the village.

Cult roundabout at the entrance to the village

It is now considered the most important roundabout in German film history – with the two main actors Franz Eberhofer and Rudi Birkenberger larger than life as a monument. But this is also where it is decided where the journey is going. To Eichendorf, Aham, Gangkofen or Dingolfing.

Tourists travel long distances

We meet Ralf and Angelika Zandona from the Black Forest at the cult roundabout early in the morning. “It was clear to us that we had to go there,” says Ralf. And his wife Angelika adds: “The films are cult, and we have to watch them for real. And of course post them to friends. To make them a little jealous.” Now they are there at the Eberhofer roundabout – and do what everyone is doing: Take souvenir photos at the Eberhofer monument. Incidentally, it was set up by the market town – in the presence of the film stars.

Butcher’s and bakery are also popular with tourists

The Eberhofer roundabout in Frontenhausen is now one of the sights of Lower Bavaria. But the film tourists want to see more. The baker Schleich, whose Niederkaltenkirchen cups have now achieved cult status with fans. And of course the butcher’s shop, where Eberhofer buys his liver loaf rolls. The film Simmerl himself is not behind the counter in real life, however. But Lisa and Christian. And they can’t believe how many film tourists are now coming. And what do they want? “Mainly meat loaf rolls,” say the sellers happily. “And take photos – of course, of course!”

Frontenhausen has to make itself ugly

Frontenhausen now lives with and from the successes of the Eberhofer films. Even if the location for filming always has to be trimmed to “ugly”. The flowers on the market square have to be removed so that Franz Eberhofer alias Sebastian Bezzel feels really comfortable in his Niederkaltenkirchen. Mayor Franz Gassner takes it calmly that, for example, the flowers at the town hall always have to be removed during filming: “In reality we are much more beautiful!”, He says and is happy about every film tourist who sees it for himself.

There are now flyers on the market that take film tourists to the most important locations. The butcher’s shop, where the Eberhofer gets his cult liver loaf rolls. The swingers club or the house of Eberhof’s friend Susi.

Navis can also be found in Niederkaltenkirchen

For a long time it was not that easy to find the film village of Niederkaltenkirchen – i.e. Frontenhausen. But because so many have googled it, the search engine’s route planner now automatically guides you to Frontenhausen when you enter Niederkaltenkirchen.

Mayor’s appeal to reason

Mayor Franz Gassner himself cannot quite believe the tourist success. “We used to be a very contemplative place and now we are right in,” says the town hall chief happily. At the same time, however, he appeals to the common sense of the Eberhofer fans. Especially at the Eberhofer roundabout: Because of the large number of visitors, the market town has already had a small parking lot created at the roundabout for everyone who wants to get out and take a selfie. The hype is especially big on weekends. “I also notice that the visitors are doing all sorts of things. Some stop or even drive backwards. I appeal to everyone: Be careful that nothing happens. Because we want to keep the Eberhofer roundabout as long as possible.”