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Crimes like out of a blockbuster

The new documentary reports on the most breathtaking thefts in American criminal history. Some of the cases could be from a Hollywood movie.

the essentials in brief

  • The true crime documentary on Netflix presents the unimaginable thefts.
  • One of them is about a woman who was on the run for 12 years after being robbed.
  • The real cases are re-enacted with the help of actors.

The perfect robbery has always fascinated people. We know from Hollywood films like “Ocean’s Eleven” that huge sums of money can be successfully stolen from casinos. In reality, too, criminals have tried again and again.

A criminal couple succeeded in doing this in the early 1990s. In love with the much older, charismatic Roberto Solis, the 21-year-old Heather Tallchief lets herself be manipulated. She takes a security job at a casino in Las Vegas and is now responsible for transporting money. The two plan the perfect robbery – and put it into practice in 1993. They flee with three million dollars and then go into hiding in Miami, Florida.

They later manage to escape to Amsterdam, where Heather gives birth to a child and starts a new life. But the relationship between the two begins to run into turmoil, as the professional criminal Roberto does not believe in monogamy. Heather separates and raises her son first alone, then with a new man in Holland. Until the day when the double life becomes too much for her and she decides to face justice.

Learned from TV shows

Another unbelievable theft came from three Cuban-American men who were notorious gang members in Miami. They all hoped for the “American Dream” in the USA and fled the poverty of Cuba. But because he and his wife had too little money to adopt a girl, Karls Monzon and his friends planned a robbery. When an acquaintance told him that every week a Lufthansa plane landed at Miami Airport fully laden with money, Monzon saw his chance. With the help of crime series such as CSI: Miami, the man meticulously planned the raid and finally realized it.

The Netflix series “Incredible Thefts” lives up to its name and presents robbery in a captivating way that is only known from films.

Production country: USA

Original title: Heist

Original language: English

Genre: True Crime

Episodes: 6

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