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120 minutes of apocalyptic destruction without respite

Dwayne Johnson is a wrecking ball with frequent flyer miles. Whether it’s a Hong Kong skyscraper in Skyscraper, a video game world in Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle or the bumpy relationship with Vin Diesel in real life: Where the action cabinet hits, grass becomes shy. But one of his of destruction stands out on the scale of annihilation: The disaster spectacle of San Andreas stomps half of California. If you want to enjoy brutal action, you can now visit Amazon Prime and (!) Netflix about the movie.

In San Andreas, a massive earthquake saves Dwayne Johnson’s marriage: That’s what it’s all about

Elite rescue pilot and ex-soldier Ray Gaines (Johnson) can save helpless Californians from wreckage with his helicopter, but has still driven his marriage to the wall: He and his wife Emma (Carla Gugino) could not overcome the drowning death of their daughter and are heading for a divorce.

Watch the German trailer for the action with Dwayne Johnson here:

San Andreas – Trailer 3 (German) HD


Ray is supposed to spend some time with the remaining daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario), but nothing comes of it: The nasty plate tectonics of the San Andreas Trench intervenes. Because this suddenly leads to immense earthquakes, which even by California standards set records and cause apocalyptic conditions.

The visionary seismologist Dr. Hayes (Paul Giamatti) wants to warn people, but it is too late: A whole series of quakes continues on San Francisco and threatens to completely enlander the city to the ground.

Disaster expert Ray has to rush to the aid of the whole state by helicopter, but quickly concentrates on (still) wife and daughter: Because while one of them lingers on the burning roof of high-rise building 1, the other is stuck in the collapsed underground car park of High-Rise 2 because her mother’s new guy (Ioan Gruffudd) has cowardly abandoned her. So Ray has to show heroism in order to be able to save his loved ones and possibly even his marriage.

San Andreas is straightforward disaster action for Dwayne Johnson fans

The fact that natural disasters constantly have to cement relationships – see, for example, Twister, 2012 or Greenland – is old hat. But in the case of San Andreas, it doesn’t really matter. Because here a unprecedented of destruction after a short family entry for action without respite.

Ray’s still-wife Emma (Gugino)

Where the script goes flute, a super laid out The Rock along with Gugino and Daddario are happy to help out. The cast is impressive – but the main actor and argument No. 1 for disaster film fans should be the bombastic effects here.

Collapsed cities, high-rise buildings wafting through the area from the quake and a tanker at the top of a gigantic tsunami wave: San Andreas offers something for the eye and, despite undeniable weaknesses, is exactly what you expect from Dwayne Johnson action: brute, fast and always with a sympathetic wink.

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