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11 exciting facts about the actress!

Mila Kunis has already starred in several blockbusters – among others, the actress was seen in “Bad Spies”, “Never again sex with the ex” or “Date Night – Gangster for a night”. KUKKSI has summarized exciting facts about the Hollywood star!

At the latest since “Friends with certain advantages” all knew Mila Kunis and has become an integral part of the acting world. However, her first breakthrough came in the sitcom “The Wild Seventies”. But the 36-year-old was also able to embody more serious roles such as in the psychological thriller “Black Swan”. In addition to her acting, she is also a voice actress.

Exciting facts about Mila Kunis

  • Mila had her first role in a Barbie commercial and was only 11 years old!
  • Mila comes from Chernivtsi in Ukraine.
  • Her mother’s name is Milena Markovna Kunis and she gave her daughter a very similar name, because: Mila Kunis is called Milena Markiwna Kunis
  • When she was seven years old, she and her family went to Los Angeles.
  • At the casting for the show “The Wild Seventies” Mila was only 14 years old. However, the role was advertised for an 18-year-old. The lie came out: they were allowed to keep the job, as we know, but still!
  • She had her first kiss in front of the camera with her current husband Ashton Kutcher! The two starred together in the sitcom “The Wild Seventies”.
  • Mila Kunis was addicted to the online game “World of Warcraft”. In an interview, she revealed that she spent several hours the day before the game and couldn’t stop.
  • Actually, she wanted to become a doctor or midwife at that time. Until one day she had to realize that she could not see blood.
  • Mila has two different eye colors – nothing new in itself. But she has this due to an eye disease and had problems with the right eye for a long time!
  • From 2002 to January 2011, Kunis was in a relationship with former child star Macaulay Culkin.
  • Many people are afraid of insects: so is the celebrity actress! For them, there is nothing worse than the little crawling animals!

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