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New edition: One of the most disturbing (and best!) Films of all time appears for the first time in 4K – Kino News

Difficult to digest, ingenious, timeless. That is “Uhrwerk Orange”, which is an indispensable part of numerous lists of the best films of all time, but for us it is also one of the most disturbing. Now the Kubrick highlight appears in 4K.

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The author of this article can still clearly remember the first time he saw “A Clockwork Orange” – or at least the first act of the film. He must have just been around 14 or 15 years old and was only just beginning to take a real interest in the cinema and work off famous classics.

After he had long since succumbed to the horror genre thanks to Peter Jackson, John Carpenter and Co., it should be Stanley Kubrick’s brutally raw satire that showed him his limits – and reminded him that FSK approvals are not of all things come from somewhere.

After the infamous rape scene (which comes very early in the film), it was over. It was just too early – and it took years before a second attempt was made. The result: a new, more differentiated perspective. Stanley Kubrick’s cult film was still tough as hell (and it’s not included in our list of the most disturbing films of all time for nothing), but above all a haunting, biting work of art of social criticismthat inevitably casts a spell on you and keeps you busy and thought-provoking long after the credits have finished – about yourself and the world in which you live.

The most disturbing films of all time

Outstandingly staged, with pictures composed down to the last detail, full of metaphors and clues for all readers of between-the-lines, “Uhrwerk Orange” is not only one of Stanley Kubrick’s great masterpieces, but also one of the best work by camera legend John Alcott. And who knows, maybe we’ll soon discover even more details in his oppressively beautiful pictures – because “Uhrwerk Orange” will appear in 4K for the first time on October 14, 2021!

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The film will be released in two versions on 4K Blu-ray – unabridged, of course, with the tried and tested 16 release. On the one hand “Uhrwerk Orange” will be the next title in Warner’s exclusive series Titans of Cult be, so appear in the Steelbook including two exclusive pins and slipcase. At MediaMarkt you can already secure your copy of the limited 4K edition. On the other hand, Amazon also lists a standard steelbook edition with the 4K Blu-ray, which is currently not available.

“A Clockwork Orange”: A tough social satire

Set in the London of the near future, “Uhrwerk Orange” tells the story of Alex (Malcolm McDowell), who, together with his gang, whom he affectionately calls “Droogs”, commit crimes purely for their own sake. From acts of violence against the homeless to rape of defenseless women. One day, however, when Alex is deceived by one of his followers and left to the police, it is now he who is defenseless against the state – and who, with the help of a new type of aversion therapy, is supposed to become a better person.

“Uhrwerk Orange” is a tour de force about a criminal who commits atrocities at will until he is finally remodeled into a mindless object. It is opposites like this that make “Uhrwerk Orange” so special – and that ultimately give the film its urgency. Alex’s life is a symphony of Beethoven and violence. And that’s exactly how Kubrick stages the story of his protagonist. He takes his point of view, underlines the once so controversial rape scene with a sentimental hit like “Singin ‘In The Rain” and thus gives insights into Alex’s twisted psyche.

The 5-star FILMSTARTS review for “A Clockwork Orange”

Where does violence come from? Where does it lead – in ourselves, but also in a society? Can or should one be master of them at all? Or is it in the end the necessary evil that a life in community brings with it? It is an everlasting discourse that is just as relevant today as it was when “Uhrwerk Orange” was released in 1971 – and that has seldom been initiated so emphatically, so artistically and at the same time disturbingly as in the Kubrick classic, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year celebrates. And we are sure: That will not have changed until the 100th birthday of the cinema milestone.

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