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Home cinema tip for sci-fi fans: 90s cult masterpiece gets a new edition – and so fans are spoiled for choice – Kino News

Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Terry Gilliam – and twelve monkeys: “12 Monkeys” is one of the greatest cult films of the 90s for many science fiction fans. In October, the dystopian masterpiece will be released as a limited edition – in 4 variations.

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“12 Monkeys” is something very special, in many ways. Not only because the ingeniously twisted Terry Gilliam combines his unique sense of visuality with a dark, gripping story. On top of that, he brought Brad Pitt in an unusual role for him, in which he could show himself from a different side, in 1996, the very first Oscar nomination (for best supporting actor).

In the end there is “12 Monkeys” – and that should be the greatest specialty from today’s perspective – but also a damn good Bruce Willis film. And, as is well known, there has been little of this variety recently. So before you bring the latest cucumbers like “Cosmic Sin” or “Trauma Center” home, you would be better advised if you instead just recall his cult films and classics. With “12 Monkeys” one of them will get one soon not just one, but four limited new editions on Blu-ray:

›› “12 Monkeys” Limited Mediabook A at MediaMarkt*
›› “12 Monkeys” Limited Mediabook B at MediaMarkt*
›› “12 Monkeys” Limited Mediabook C at MediaMarkt*
›› “12 Monkeys” Limited Mediabook D at MediaMarkt*

On October 30, 2021, “12 Monkeys” will be released as a limited edition in Mediabook. And as is so often the case, fans of the popular special packaging can look forward to several cover versions – so that really every taste is served. The only downer: Anyone hoping for a 4K premiere of “12 Monkeys” will be disappointed for the time being. The Mediabooks only contain the Blu-ray.

“12 Monkeys”: Milestone with a cult factor

After a deadly virus contaminated the earth’s surface, mankind will be forced to live underground in 2035. The only salvation: James Cole (Bruce Willis), who will travel back to 1996 and prevent the outbreak of the deadly epidemic …

In “Brazil” (1985), Terry Gilliam impressively demonstrated that Terry Gilliam knows how hardly any other filmmaker knows how to stage future scenarios not only in an exciting, but almost feverish way. Ten years later, he followed up with “12 Monkeys” – and gave fans of labyrinthine narratives, dark dystopias and visually demanding science fiction another milestone in the genre that quickly achieved cult status – and has now also been published as a series of the same name.

Incidentally, not only are we completely enthusiastic about “12 Monkeys” (the FILMSTARTS review gets the full five points), but also the FILMSTARTS users, who give the time travel thriller a current average rating of 4.4 / 5. So the film is currently on Ranked 15th for the best science fiction films of all time – even before over-classics like “Terminator”, “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Metropolis”!

The best science fiction films on FILMSTARTS

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