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Gerard Butler sues the producers

Olympus Has Fallen: Gerard Butler sues the producers

Last modified: August 2, 2021 15:06

Gerard Butler in Olympus Has Fallen (c) FilmDistrict

Hollywood stars must have good legal expenses insurance, because they show themselves in a real lamentation mood. Now Gerard Butler is also taking legal action against the producers of Olympus Has Fallen because he feels betrayed.

Scarlett Johansson is currently suing Disney for believing that the VoD release of her Marvel flick “Black Widow” would miss their fees from the box office, while the studio bosses would benefit all the more thanks to increasing subscription numbers of Disney+ (we reported). Oscar winner Emma Stone is considering a very similar situation at “Cruella“, also to take legal action. And now there is a third Hollywood star who is preparing for a lawsuit against his employers.

We are talking about Gerard Butler, whereby in his case it is not about a current cinema flick, but about “Olympus Has Fallen” from 2013. So the matter has nothing to do with the corona crisis and an incompatible streaming release. Rather, it is about the fact that Butler is said to have been lied to by the producers of the studios Nu Image and Millennium Film about how much the action blockbuster actually recorded. So the actor believes that he would have been entitled to more money.

His legal team filed the lawsuit on Los Angeles Superior Court Submitted. They are demanding more than $10 million based on an independent audit of accounting. This is supposed to prove that the accused producers have dropped part of their receipts under the table and thus concealed additional payments in the amount of 11 million dollars. Allegedly, a total of 8 million of them are said to have flowed directly to the bosses of the producers (here the complete lawsuit in the original).

Butler’s lawyers want to have the case decided by a jury. If this proves the plaintiff right, this would have serious consequences for the defendants, who would have to be convicted as fraudsters. According to the accusation, they have not registered the secret premiums with their pension funds, which is also likely to be problematic.

Overall played “Olympus Has Fallen” at the worldwide box office at that time 170.3 million dollars. In 2016, Butler was again as secret agent Mike Banning in the sequel “London Has Fallen==See also== The sequel even came to 205 million dollars as a global total. “Angel Has Fallen” then came to 146.6 million in 2019. In autumn 2020, “Night Has Fallen” ordered a fourth part. Whether the legal dispute could now overturn the project remains to be seen.

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