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Film review of the James Gunn film from DC

The Suicide Squad: Film Review

The Suicide Squad on a poster for the film (c) Warner Bros./HBO Max

James Gunn, known for two films about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is allowed to bring a new film about Task Force X called The Suicide Squad to the cinema. Will he succeed in what his predecessor David Ayer was unable to do? Is Gunn happy to switch to DC?

The case “Suicide Squad“Is a curiosity. Commercially, David Ayer’s 2016 film was quite successful. For a film with an R rating, $ 746.8 million in the global box office is certainly not a sticky stick. Back then there was scolding for some design decisions, above all Jared Leto’s Joker, but also the exaggeratedly colorful, sometimes “ADHD style“Of the film, in which, like in a music video from decades past, there are always fade-ins to be discovered. However, the director Ayer distances himself from the delivered work.

Similar to the case of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, there were and are demands from the fanbase, albeit not in the millions as with the Snyder Cut, who would like to see the Ayer Cut. The curiosity is probably great and the cut version of HBO Max could be seen on “Justice League“Actually fix a lot.

In a long statement Ayer wrote to coincide with the start of James Gunn’s version of “The Suicide Squad“Via Twitterthat much of what he had in mind was very different from the softened compromise that came to the cinema.

After a first trailer and the appearance of “Deadpool” target Warner probably called for changes at the time and the result was a Frankenstein work from a film that certainly has some fans and which also introduces Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, but is otherwise quite forgettable. You can read about what we thought shortly after the release of the first Task Force X film in the film review.

THE Suicide Squad

The upcoming film only differs by name by a “The“In the title of the 2016 version. Harley Quinn, Amanda Walla (Viola Davis), Colonel Flag (Joel Kinnaman), and Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) are recurring cast members, and the premise of how the team is recruited remains intact. Super villains from the DC-Universe are approached by Waller and receive suicidal orders. If they then accept and are successful, ten years of their prison sentence will be wiped out. If they resist direct orders, an explosive device can explode in their head and wipe them out in seconds. In public, nobody knows about the team and their actions, because hardly anyone is interested in the super criminals, who nevertheless often have families that are important to them, such as the new leader Bloodsport (Idris Elba).

Suicide Squad (3D Blu-ray)



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