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Evil Dead Rise – film set bathed in blood: this shoot leaves its mark!

Not only do most horror films get bloodier and more violent as the length and duration increase. Become Twitter-Feed from Lee Cronin, could get the impression that this also applies to the shooting phase, which does not always take place in chronological order.

Because started the Irish The Hole in the Ground-Director at the end of June still with a brand-new pair of gleaming white sneakers, these are today, a month and a half after the starting shot that fans had longed for Evil Dead Rise, colored blood red and a reflection of the atrocities committed on the film set. Cronin is already leaving us with a few of them participate in social media. Severed body parts and pools of blood?

Of course, they shouldn’t be missing in the latest chapter of the horror saga created by Sam Raimi and pull Cronin into a dry “Damn, the kids just never clean the kitchen”. In another picture, the confrontations with the demon from the Necronomicon left clear marks on the bed and floor.

Lee Cronin digs deep into the gore bag of tricks

His accompanying explanation for these rather unsightly legacies? “At halftime [am 15. Juli] I just wanted to express my gratitude for the unique opportunity to do this heartwarming and tender family drama. “

Even in the best families, disputes are sometimes a bit rougher, but if the consequences look like this, then we’d rather not get caught between the fronts! Only a few days ago, Cronen reported with blood-streaked shoes, severed limbs and the realization that the carnage was now in full swing.

And according to these early visual impressions of the Evil Dead Rise– I guess there is no more doubt! But it’s not just bloody facts that Cronin causes a stir. A snapshot titled “What’s in this box?” Invites you to take some guesswork. Does the infamous Book of the Dead come in huge wooden boxes these days?

The Necronomicon is said to be in Evil Dead Rise play a crucial role. And it is still unclear how the young family in the film, led by Alyssa Sutherland Vikings and Lily Sullivan Picnic at Hanging Rock, comes into possession of the fateful book that is once again good for all sorts of mischief and madness.

Evil Dead Rise makes the family tremble

Evil Dead Rise, which should start in the USA in 2022 directly on the Warner streaming service HBO Max, but could still come to the cinema here as before, begins with the fateful family reunion of two sisters.

In Cronin’s successor, Beth, who is tired of the streets, lets herself go to the long overdue visit to her older sister Ellie, who is raising three more or less grown-up kids in her LA apartment.

But the reunion ends prematurely when a mysterious book is uncovered in the belly of Ellie’s apartment block, which releases carnivorous demons and lets them shoot out of the ground. Now, in a life-and-death battle, Beth grapples with the most nightmarish version of motherhood imaginable.

Contrary to previous assumptions, it is not the parents, but the children (Gabrielle Echols from Reminiscence, Morgan Davies and Nell Fisher) of their sister, who emanate the unimaginable horror.

Evil Dead Rise takes horror to the big city. © Sony Pictures

Written on 08/04/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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