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Crimes of the Future – Body Horror Comeback by David Cronenberg: Now in the process of shooting

When bodies mutate, merge, bend and degenerate, David Cronenberg is in his element. For a long time, however, it was no longer the case and it almost seemed as if he had the body horror as such, which was like films from the mid-seventies to the end of the nineties The fly, Eraserhead, existence or The blob (the successful 80s reissue), finally sworn off.

Now lead him Crimes of the Futures, his first film in more than eight years, but back to his own roots and the subgenre he helped shape – to the delight of the fans. And they are far from the only oneswho are really excited about this experiment.

The film distributors, including Weltkino, which publishes Cronenberg’s horror comeback in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, were literally tearing for the opportunity to distribute his “transhumanist” story in their own country.

Goes among the trans-humanists for Cronenberg: Kristen Stewart © Fox / Walt Disney

Now the first stone has fallen: Mortensen raves

The rumors that he was working on such a project and could report back with a neo-noir story in a body horror guise were fueled by Viggo Mortensen, with the Cronenberg at A History of Violence or Deadly Promises – Eastern Promises (Eastern Promises) had worked together.

And it is now also he who speaks out raving about the film set. Hardly two days after the start of shooting, he comments at the start of production, it already feels like this, as if he had a joint from David Cronenberg, [Schriftsteller] Samuel Beckett and [Naked Lunch-Autor] Enter William Burroughs sketched story – if that is at all possible.

“We are drawn further and further into a world that is very different from ours, but feels strangely familiar, immediate and believable.” He couldn’t wait to see where it all leads. You can hear it from him: Mortensen is on fire for the Cronenbergs Crimes of the Futureswhose film noir story is “kind of sick, but also totally good”.

One of his classics: Videodrome. © Universal

David Cronenberg crosses borders

Strictly speaking, these types of film experiences are even Cronenberg’s great specialty. He shot an early work of the same name back in the seventies. It is not known whether the new sins of the future (Crimes of the Future) are a refurbished reboot or even a direct sequel. The script for the film had probably been lying around in his drawer for a long time and was thoroughly revised in the year before production.

In narrative terms, however, there are worlds between the two works. Crimes of the Futures marks Cronenberg’s first sci / fi script since eXistenZ – You are the game from 1999 and promises to be no less ambitious. In this not-too-distant future, humanity is increasingly merging with its immediate surroundings.

Cronenberg takes body horror to the next level. © StudioCanal

While some savor and become absorbed in this next stage of evolution, others seek to control and prohibit the infinite potential of trans-humanism. But even so, the “accelerated evolutionary syndrome” is spreading very quickly.

The artist Saul Tenser, who is admired by many, is an ardent advocate of the movement, constantly breeding new, even more exciting and unexpected organs in his body. He celebrates these organ removals and turns them into a spectacle for his most loyal fans and confidants. But his most shocking performance is yet to come.

And that’s an offer that top-class stars like Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux (Death Stranding), Kristen Stewart (Underwater), Scott Speedman (The Strangers), Welket Bungué, Don McKellar or Lihi Kornowski cannot refuse under any circumstances. Crimes of the Futures has been created in Greece for a few days.

David Cronenberg has always stood for idiosyncratic film food. © StudioCanal

Written on 08/03/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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