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BUGA: 14th hall show fully in line with the home office trend

From monsters and palm trees to philodendrons: The Fachverband für Raumbegrünung und Hydrokultur e.V. presents trendy leaf beauties at BUGA 2021 in Erfurt.


A healthy and mood-enhancing interior design is just with exotic Leafy plants, succulents and orchids to achieve. How the easy-care plants grown in hydroponics in groups form a great decoration, conveys the impressive 14th Hall Show on the BUGA Erfurt 2021. For example, with the Monstera known as the “window leaf”. Her attractive feathered and slotted leaf now adorns decorative fabrics and wallpaper in the interior and served just in the original on the cover of the magazine “Vanity Fair” as a decorative background for the actress Jennifer Lawrence. In the new home office, in general in living rooms, green leafy ornamental plants are no longer regarded as skewered, but as an expression of a modern attitude to life – the jungle is hip. By the way: A Monstera leaf brings it with good care up to 50 centimeters in diameter and more! At the natural site, the plant even grows up to 20 meters in height!

As a solitaire, the edible variation in the hall also boasts: Monstera deliciosa with a taste of banana and pineapple. You can also discover beauties such as the Philodendron pertusum or particularly large, panashing Schefflera and the Dracaena reflexa “Song of India”, also from Asia. A whole assortment of Sanseverien amazes visitors about their diversity: From the variety “Black Jade” to the “Superba” and the “Moonshine” with elegantly bluish shimmering leaves to the “Green Hahni” and “Mansoniana”.

All of these were supplied and staged by the exhibitor association JAGO Kunststoff GmbH & Co. KG and Hydrokultur vom Niederrhein UG & Co. For this, the AST has been awarded the Great Gold Medal by the Deutsche Bundesgartenschaugesellschaft mbH.

Particular emphasis was placed on the performance “for plants in hydroponics in very good cultivated condition and in the highest quality on display”. Flowers Kuhn Floraldesign GmbH from Nuremberg filled more green planters with Epipremnum pinnatum and various varieties Philodendron, in total with a Large range of green plants in good quality, for which there was the honorary prize of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture. Gardener Gregg from Nordkirchen was also able to win an honorary prize from the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture: for charming upcycling ideas with hydroplants.

Show plants show the perfect habitus

The Hydrogärtnerei Höfer from Eislingen was particularly successful in this show: it scored with Fargesia and Hybiscus, with the imposing, particularly large rarities Rhipsalis and Lepiscium hanging from the ceiling of the show greenhouse and an exotically decorated table round. The Hydrogärtnerei Höfer also carried out the entire hall show design. And so there were three times the Great Gold Medal of the German Federal Horticultural Show Society mbH: on the one hand for a potpourri of five individual designs, which were staged with great leaf beauties and vessels and on the other hand for the application of hydroponics, which sensitively and skilfully interpreted was oriented towards the zeitgeist. The third award was given to the outstanding quality of the show plants and the beauty in the arrangement of the entire contribution. Each visitor was able to photograph a section in this hall show, which he can convert into hydroponics for himself at home. Certainly, however, the colorful highlights in the green, the many different orchid varieties found lovers: the Lower Lusatian orchids & tillandsia breeders from Großräschen brought tiny varieties of Phalaenopsis, in a special play of colors inspiring Vanda, such as pure orchid species and wild forms, hybrids and genus hybrids in the hall. In groups, they were placed in the large planting beds, suspended by variety over the planting tanks, or decorated as in nature as a seater on tree trunks. For this colorful and exotic staging of tropical beauties, the Großräschener also received a Great Gold Medal of the German Federal Horticultural Show Society. Visitors and thus potential customers can convince themselves of the beauty and habitus of solitary leaf ornamental plants and their companions at the BUGA in Erfurt until 22 August in the Glashaus.

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