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Amazon Prime has one of the most exciting & best thrillers of the last 5 years

Almost exactly five years ago, the great and still not fully recognized survival thriller The Shallows hit theaters. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who just gave Dwayne Johnson his first really good blockbuster.

The Shallows also made it into our Top 100 Best Movies of the Last Decade. You can stream the mercilessly exciting shark horror for the small anniversary on Amazon Prime.

That’s why The Shallows is worth it on Amazon Prime

The plot of The Shallows (Here is the stream *): Hobby surfer Nancy (Blake Lively) goes to a secluded cove to surf all day. She is not alone in the beautiful place somewhere on the Mexican coast. Two more surfers do their laps –

and a hungry shark. Nancy barely survived the first attack, she saved herself on a rock.

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That is the simple scenario in which the film turns its circles: a young woman, the sea, a shark and the shore to save. A person confronts a superior enemy with meager means in a hostile environment. There is no room for failure and so the film demands the ultimate willpower from its main character, which is not so easy to scrape together when the shark’s own shreds of flesh are already stuck in the interdental spaces of the shark.

The breathtaking tension in The Shallows cannot be taken for granted

While the audience sweats in their own adrenaline rush, the film jerks forward. on extreme stress waves pleasant rest phases follow. Jaume Collet-Serra uses these silent buffering islands in a targeted manner so that what is happening can be organized. Blake Lively takes a deep breath, rethinks her strategy and makes makeshift care for her bleeding wounds.

The time and the circling shark still breathe hotly on her neck. Brutal setbacks follow small glimmers of hope. And yet the main character works his way towards her goal.

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