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Was Britney Spears given a drug cocktail? Ex-Bodyguard unpacks everything

A former bodyguard of Britney Spears reveals explosive guardianship

Mojito, PiƱa Colada, and Tequila Sunrise are popular cocktail varieties. According to her ex-bodyguard, singer Britney Spears (39) used to get a completely different, less delicious flavor: a violent drug cocktail. And the bodyguard unpacks even more explosive details while Britney is currently fighting for her freedom in court.

Every Friday the woman came by with the medication

The “Sun” reports that the former teen star had to take a very special cocktail of medication every post. “Ingredients” of the mixture: three antipsychotics, as well as the contraceptive pill. The former bodyguard of the world star, Fernando Flores, was hired in 2010 as Britney’s bodyguard. That was just one year after father Jamie Spears (69) was granted guardianship for his celebrity daughter.

This was preceded by a nervous breakdown of the “Toxic” singer. According to Fernando, every Friday a woman came by to bring the medication for the drug cocktail. But that’s not all the security expert reveals.

Britney’s L.A. estate is said to have bag checks for visitors


“She had gone from being mentally healthy to talking about parallel universes,” the bodyguard describes the time. After eight months, Fernando quit the job again. But in that time he got a lot of things. Britney’s father called three to four times a day to inquire, according to him. And that’s not where the control ended, as ex-policeman Fernando reports. Allegedly, Britney’s cell phone is constantly monitored, she is not allowed to go out alone and a bag check is carried out on visitors to Britney’s estate in Los Angeles.

Ex-bodyguard once sued Britney

According to the megastar’s ex-bodyguard, Britney would hear “A Man’s World” when she was depressed. Otherwise, she allegedly watched a lot of television.

By the way, Fernando is not a blank slate. In the past, he made serious allegations of sexual harassment against Jamie Spears’ daughter, who is said to have undressed in front of him, among other things. And today? Is the man acting as a ghost hunter, as “TMZ” reports?

Justin Timberlake’s former girlfriend is currently fighting in court to end her long-standing guardianship by her father Jamie. She recently defended herself against hater comments. After her public defender has resigned the mandate, the nineties icon has now clad a star lawyer who supports her in court. (nos)


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