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Till Death – First pictures show Megan Fox bathed in blood

After being swallowed up by the earth for a few years, Megan Fox is now making a comeback attempt. Fifteen years after Transformers Today it is only enough for smaller, but also more complex and risky genre films. Just recently, she entered into Rogue Hunter the tough mercenary Samantha, who does not shy away from rebels or big cats. Your new film Til Death, which will be launched in the USA on July 2nd, is the exact opposite of this:

Here, as a shocked widow Emma, who goes through hell, she can only watch helplessly and idly as her husband is over-murdered behind the back. It wouldn’t be the first time:

with Jennifer’s Body Ten years ago, she tried in vain to achieve the successes of the Transformersfilms and promptly made a hearty belly landing. Neither critics nor moviegoers could gain much from Karyn Kusama’s feminist-inspired horror story, which would have looked good on the current #MeToo movement.

Megan Fox is not defeated without a fight. ©Screen Media

In the end, the film grossed just $31 million – at a similarly high cost. Because it’s for the comic book adaptation Jonah Hex didn’t go much better after that, Megan Fox has been a guest on the big screen less and less in recent years – by Michael Bays Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesfilms aside.

Megan Fox goes through hell again

That could be related to the horror thriller Till Death by Millennium Media, which was filmed in Eastern Europe in 2020 despite Corona, but will soon change again. It is based on a story by Jason Carvey, which was long on the infamous Blood List.

Megan Fox is experiencing her worst nightmare. ©Screen Media

This list is an expert collection of the best unfilmed scripts in Hollywood – comparable to the Black List, only for horror and genre films. From this recently went the Netflix world success Bird Box with Sandra Bullock as a blind apocalypse survivor. And something else speaks for Till Death:

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is one of the creators behind the The Conjuring-Films and James Wans Aquaman as a producer on board, which should bring additional attention to the project – and even if only by the obligatory poster lettering “by the author of The Conjuring and Aquaman“.

for Til Death Fox has to empathize with the role of Emma, who wakes up tied up after the death of her husband in the trunk of two killers who are well on their way to completing their mission. She must muster all her courage to nipp in the bud the sick, macabre revenge plan of a stranger.

©Screen Media

©Screen Media

Written on 01.06.2021 by Torsten Schrader

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