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Emily Blunt: That’s Why She Likes Adventure Films

Emily Blunt reveals what particularly appealed to her about her role in ‘Jungle Cruise’.

The 38-year-old actress can be seen in the new Disney blockbuster as researcher Lily Houghton, who wants to find a magical plant together with captain Frank (Dwayne Johnson). In an interview with ‘’, the Hollywood beauty reveals why she loves adventure films so much. “They make me think. I want to play people for many different reasons when I feel like I have a connection with them,” she explains.

However, she would not plunge into the dangerous jungle like her film character. “I don’t think I’m remotely as adventurous as Lily, but I love jumping into the unknown,” the actress reveals. “I really do. That’s what I love about every decision I make.” But the optimism of her character also appealed to Emily immediately: “I just like to do things that move me. This hopeful spirit she has was familiar to me. I loved him. I understood him,” the star adds.


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