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So it goes on in the next episodes

Also with the reality soap “Cologne 50667” the coronavirus caused a break in the meantime. In the meantime, however, episodes for RTL 2 are being filmed again. The pandemic does not play a role in the scripts. Fans can look forward to a podcast about the series instead.

A new episode of “Köln 50667” runs every Monday to Friday at 6.05 p.m. on RTL 2 – here is the preview of the next five episodes:

“Cologne 50667” on Tuesday, 03.08.2021: Episode 2169

Jan offends Marie by backing down: he doesn’t want to help her escape. Marie is desperate, because her parents have threatened her that in the future she will only be allowed out accompanied by a caregiver. Without further ado, she also takes in front of Jan Reißaus. He is so worried that he even joins forces with Marie’s parents to look for her. In fact, the search is successful and there is a great reconciliation. Marie’s parents give their daughter more freedom and refrain from taking legal action against Jan. When Jan and Marie celebrate this positive development, she expresses a wish: she would like to move into the shared flat.

After Marie disappears, Jan and her parents go in search of her. The efforts are successful and reconciliation is taking place. Marie should be given more freedom in the future. She now wants to move in with Jan in the shared flat. © Source: RTLZWEI / filmpool entertainment

“Cologne 50667” on Wednesday, 04.08.2021: Episode 2170

Jule wants to create a romantic birthday for Marc with a lot of luxury and pampering atmosphere. First, however, a surprise party at the rescue station prevents her from celebrating her new togetherness with Marc. Later, another celebration will follow, which Horst and Beate have organized. Jule is annoyed at first, but then the tide turns. All party guests accidentally eat hash muffins and the mood escalates. Jule is also infected by the exuberant atmosphere and no longer wastes any thought on romance.

Jule wants to stage the perfect romantic birthday for Marc, but has to throw her plans completely over the top. Horst and Beate have organized a party where Jule is also infected by the exuberant atmosphere. © Source: RTLZWEI / filmpool entertainment

“Köln 50667” on Thursday, 05.08.2021: Episode 2171

Lea can’t get Ray out of her head and has arranged to meet him again for paid sex. In front of Leonie, Lea claims that for her this is really just physical and fun. But Leonie is skeptical. When Luca suddenly shows up in the flat and begs Lea to give him another chance, it is Ray of all people who brushes him off. The callboy claims to be Lea’s new friend. Lea is grateful to Ray for saving her from this unpleasant situation. As a thank you, she invites him to a barbecue afternoon in the shared flat and is extremely pleased when Ray actually agrees.

Lea makes an appointment with callboy Ray again. Leonie suspects that there is more to the meetings than just paid sex. When Ray clarifies an unpleasant situation for her in the shared flat, Lea invites him to the barbecue afternoon as a thank you. © Source: RTLZWEI / filmpool entertainment

“Cologne 50667” on Friday, 06.08.2021: Episode 2172

Leonie is baffled when she learns that Schrotti wanted to bounce the insurance company with his supposedly stolen car. When she wants to read her father’s Levites again, she suddenly notices a suspicious man in the junkyard, whom she thinks is an insurance detective. Leonie is alarmed and forges a plan with the others. Schrotti and Kevin will hide the car and she will stop the guy as long as possible with Trixi. The plan works in an unconventional way and everyone is relieved.

Schrotti threatens trouble because he has reported his car as stolen in order to bounce the insurance. Leonie is angry with him. When a supposed detective arrives at the junkyard, she helps her father out of trouble. © Source: RTLZWEI / filmpool entertainment

“Köln 50667” on Monday, 09.08.2021: Episode 2173

Patrick is still met because Jill lied to him for weeks. He can’t jump over his shadow and finally talk to her, even though she has long since apologized to him. Although he is deep inside himself aware that his behavior is childish, he still needs time, Patrick finds himself. However, he has no idea that Jill is no longer giving it to him: while he isStill in his wounded pride strengthened by Ben, she already gets her things out of Patrick’s room and leaves him a farewell letter.

Patrick continues to refuse to talk to Jill. She has long since apologized for her lies. But Patrick still needs time to overcome his wounded pride. However, he doesn’t have them anymore, because Jill packs her things. © Source: RTLZWEI / filmpool entertainment

“Köln 50667”: Broadcast times and repetitions on RTL 2

The series “Köln 50667” runs daily from Monday to Friday at 6.05 p.m. on RTL 2. The replay from the previous evening will be shown on television from Monday to Friday at 12.55 p.m. In addition, the series is available online at TV Now. Each episode is available for 30 days directly after the TV broadcast. Furthermore, there is a “Cologne 50667” app, in which each episode can be watched for seven days after the TV broadcast. With TV Now Plus, the next episodes can be enjoyed three days before the TV premiere. If you can’t get enough of the story, you can watch highlight clips and best-of videos on the RTL-2 website.

“Cologne 50667 – The Podcast”

Podcasts are on everyone’s lips right now – or rather, in everyone’s ears. At “Köln 50667 – Der Podcast” there are reviews, interviews and exclusive news about the reality soap. In a weekly review, the audience can follow what has happened in the shared flat in the past few days. Every Friday after the broadcast on television, the time has come: As soon as the last sequences have flickered across the screens, the presenters Anika and Benita discuss the hottest developments from the Rhine metropolis. All the storylines and topics from the show will be discussed, and the winners and losers of the week will also be revealed.

Anika and Benita are fans from the very beginning and have a direct line to the set. Thus, the podcasters repeatedly chat out behind-the-scences information and insider news. And because they have a special contact with the characters, well-known studio guests always bring a breath of fresh air into the podcast. So far, for example, the actors Danny Liedtke (Kevin), Luise-Isabell Matejczyk (Lea) and Danilo Cristilli (Toni) have been in the studio. Further guests are already being planned. The podcast for the RTL-2 series can be listened to via Spotify, Apple Podcast or Audionow. All episodes of the “Köln 50667” podcast can also be found in the podcast playlist on the soap’s Youtube channel. In addition, the podcast also has its own Instagram channel.

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