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Selena Gomez: This photo goes too far! Fans are beside themselves – Cologne


A photo is circulating on the Internet in connection with Selena Gomez, which the Selena-Stans consider outrageous and disrespectful. But what was on the viral picture?

When it became known that Selena Gomez suffers from lupus, she posted a post on Instagram where she can be seen together with one of her best friends. In the picture, they are both lying in a hospital bed smiling at each other. Underneath, the singer wrote that Francia Raisa donated her a kidney. This was a very emotional moment, not only for the Selenators, but also for the whole world. She struggled with the incurable disease for so long and no one knew anything until September 2017. But why are the fans beside themselves? In the Chinese series “Who’s the murderer” the picture was reenacted and made fun of. In the picture it is clear to see that the heads of the sufferers Selena Gomez and her friend were cut out and replaced with the heads of two male actors. Another minimal difference is the color of the patient’s shirt, which has been processed from white to light blue.

Selena Gomez: That was your reaction to the picture

No reaction. Sparks of silence. Whether Selena didn’t see it or decided to just ignore it is not clear. But what you can definitely say is that her fans are behind her. On Twitter, only the opinions about the “joke” circulate. So far, none of the production of the film or the actors have commented on it. Will they remain silent? It wasn’t the first time the Rare performer has had to listen to “jokes” about her illness. Not so long ago, “Saved by the Bell” also got a backlash for playing a joke about lupus in connection with Selena Gomez. According to Just Jared, the show’s producers publicly apologized and even donated a certain amount of money to The Selena Gomez Fund for Lupus Research at USC.

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