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Kylie Jenner: Naked anticipation! Topless, she is looking forward to her big day

Kylie Jenner is bursting with anticipation as her 24th birthday approaches. To share the euphoria with her fans, the Kardashian sister posted an almost nude picture on Instagram. Topless, the black-haired beauty poses.

Full of anticipation for her birthday, Kylie Jenner dropped the covers.
Picture: picture alliance/dpa/PA Wire | Ian West

what Kylie Jenner having already reached before their 24th birthday, most of us will not make it for a lifetime: become a TV and Internet star, start our own cosmetics brand, earn billions … But despite her unparalleled success, the Kardashian sister has still remained the woman who gets excited about anticipation a week before her birthday. On the photo and video network Instagram, the social media star even drops the covers out of sheer excitement.

Kylie Jenner topless on Instagram with thong thong

Kylie Jenner’s latest Instagram post is a true sight for the gods or goddesses. Dressed only in tiny thong panties and painted entirely with gold, the black-haired beauty poses lasciviously for the camera. “Ahhh!!! My birthday is in 8 days!!!,” Kylie Jenner writes completely dissolved in the caption of the photo, adding: “And of course I had to celebrate with another birthday collection! 24K Gold for my 24th birthday, which will be released on August 10th.” If Kylie’s new collection is only remotely as noble as the current photo of the Kardashian sister, then this should be another blockbuster – like every one of Kylie’s cosmetic collections so far.

Khloé Kardashian reacts enthusiastically to photo of her half-sister

Kylie Jenner’s current 254 million Instagram subscribers are in ecstasy at the sight of her half-naked idol. Almost ten million Insta-Likes reap the golden topless photo, almost 50,000 comments adorn the comment column. Not only Kate Moss’ sister Lottie Moss gives the Internet star an Insta-Like, Kylie’s own half-sister Khloé Kardashian also considers the photo with several comments, including five heart emojis and the exclamation: “Oh my soul!” Thus, the Kardashian beauty literally speaks to all followers from the soul.

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