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#FreeBritney: Now comes the Britney Law Army!

The drama surrounding the guardianship of Britney Spears has been enriched by a few tragic chapters in recent weeks. Above all, her personal statement shocked the fans and intensified the #FreeBritney calls. Even prominent figures in US politics positioned themselves afterwards. The Republican governor of Texas, Ted Cruz, for example, said in his podcast: “I’m rock solid in the camp of FreeBritney.”

Fans and lawyers form the @BritneyLawArmy

Anyone who keeps up to date with the latest developments has recently repeatedly landed on the Twitter account of the @BritneyLawArmy. Here, up-to-date information on the process is shared, commented on and expertly classified legally. Which is not surprising when you look at who is hiding behind the account. As the New York Times recently reported, the account is run by five administrators who are familiar with the legal part of the matter – and are also ardent Britney fans. In particular, these are the Peruvian-American lawyer Angela Rojas (30), the civil law lawyers Samuel Nicholson (30) and Marilyn Shrewsbury (32) as well as their assistant Raven Koontz (23). The last member of the group is Emily Lagarenne (34), who works as a personnel consultant.

“It’s about civil rights.”

Angela Rojas told the New York Times: “The #FreeBritney struggle unites people from many fields. They all feel that what is happening to her is intrusive and unjust.” But it’s not just about Britney: “It’s about human nature. About human rights. About the rights of mentally ill people. It’s about civil rights.” The Britney case exemplifies a battle that is being fought in many courts.

The Free Britney Army shares official documents on its account and tries to explain them in such a way that even non-lawyers understand them. In addition, there are always educational postings that bring the case into a larger context. The Britney Law Army proves its fandance with postings that want to cheer on all Britney fans, even and especially in times when nothing happens, to stick to it and set the mood.

Hope for freedom for Britney

But how does this expert group assess the current status of the #FreeBritney struggle? Samuel Nicholson is optimistic: “Your oppressors will lose. They’re not going to be able to just push Britney back on stage and pretend nothing happened.” Let’s hope he’s right – and until then continue to hit the walls with Edding: “Free Britney!”

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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