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Delta variant dampens Jungle Cruise’s box-playing result

With $34.2 million on the first weekend, the new Disney flick “Jungle Cruise” the top spot in the US cinema charts, of course, for sure. In fact, the adventure film starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt even easily exceeded expectations. And yet there is disappointment in the air because “Jungle Cruise” has been considered one of the hottest irons at the Mouse House for years and without a pandemic could probably unleash a veritable blockbuster franchise.

Originally, the film was scheduled for July 2020. The fact that the river steamer is still so faltering a year later is certainly mainly due to the delta variant, which is currently spreading rapidly in America. Many families to whom “Jungle Cruise” in the first place, apparently do not want to risk the risk of infection and therefore resort to the alternative: You buy the strip at Disney+ for just under 30 dollars per e-ticket. This online business is said to have raised a whopping 30 million dollars in parallel to the box office (although it is unclear whether this figure only refers to American or global revenues).

At the international box office, the flick inspired by a ride at Disneyland “Jungle CruiseMeanwhile, 27.6 million dollars from already 47 markets together. So there will still be a long way to go before the film reconstors the hefty production costs of an estimated $200 million and also the marketing budget. If this succeeds at all, if the pandemic should worsen again so much that the cinemas have to be closed completely.

For “Jungle Cruise” speaks that the audience gave the film a strong A-. Meanwhile, the reviews are slightly worse off with 63 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Some will probably also watch with excitement whether a similar dispute could arise behind the scenes as recently with “Black Widow” or “Cruella“. Here, the respective stars Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone were angry that Disney was allegedly withholding revenue money from them through the parallel release via Disney+. Could Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt also sue?

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Number two in the US charts went to the Dev Patel movie “The Green Knight” by indie studio A24. The critically reviewed knight film was able to make $6.78 million on its opening weekend. So far, it has not even appeared in all cinemas nationwide. How much money is added internationally is unfortunately unknown.

Third place went to the Shyamalan strip “Old” with 6.76 million dollars. The leader of the previous week collapsed by a whopping 60 percent. After two weeks, the global interim status is already 48.5 million dollars, with production costs of 18 million dollars. So black numbers are already in it.

Fourth place secured “Black Widow” with 6.4 million dollars on the fourth weekend. The national sum in the USA is now 167.1 million dollars. Abroad, 176.5 million are added. Worldwide, it is 343.6 million dollars. Hard to imagine that “Jungle Cruise” will still reach similar spheres, although in the run-up to the Dwayne Johnson film one might have attributed the better chances. But delta has apparently changed the momentum at the box office very quickly.

Fifth place goes to the Matt Damon film for completeness “Stillwater – Against all suspicion” with 5.1 million dollars. However, the Cannes flick will not be released in cinemas in Germany until 9 September. At least that’s just the plan…

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