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Angelina Jolie: Fear of tax investigation

Jolie and Pitt: Fierce struggle for children, for dignity, for vanities

In 2011, the Hollywood stars decided to buy this magnificent property for 67 million dollars, renovate it for another 14 million and thus fulfill a dream. Together with the Perrin family of winemakers, the two develop the “Miraval”, a rosé that triggered a real rosé hype among the bourgeois bohemians of the world. The romantic highlight of this wonderful story: Angelina and Brad get married in 2014 in the chapel on the grounds of the Château.

But as you can imagine, no film gets an Oscar if it ends at this point. Because now comes the tragic part of the story. In September 2016, Jolie files for divorce, which is not scheduled to become official until 2019. This is followed by a fierce struggle for children, for dignity, for vanities. And also about the once so beloved Château. Because Angelina now wants only one thing: to sell the property as soon as possible. But above this hangs by the divorce a sales ban. On June 6, the actress made an urgent request to lift this ban. It already has a buyer for its shares in Nouvel, LLC, Château Miraval – a Luxembourg-based company with stakes in the winery.

Angelina Jolie wants to get rid of the Château – and quickly

The sudden rush now makes the cinema plot spicy – and the reality almost dramatic. Because this sales hate on the part of Jolie is likely to find its origin in the fear of the tax investigation. At the beginning of the year, files were found in a steel cabinet in the same tax haven in Luxembourg. Files in which Angelina Jolie’s name also appears – and that of the château.

German and French media then examined the VIP-friendly tax network in Luxembourg: Opaque social structures suggest that many celebrities – including Brangelina – have escaped high tax obligations in France and the USA in the past through clever corporate links such as Miraval. Angelina’s fear of tax investigation is therefore justified. How the story continues, however, we will probably only find out in “Château of Destiny 2”.

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