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Amber Heard: Court demands disclosure of her donations

Amber Heard
Court demands disclosure of their donations

Amber Heard

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Ring free to the next round in the fight Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard. Even five years after the end of love, the mud fight continues. Heard is said to have failed to fulfill the promise to donate her share of the divorce money.

In March 2021, the next chapter in the War of the Roses between former Hollywood couple Amber Heard, 34, and Johnny Depp, 57, was written in london’s Court of Appeal. There, on 18 March 2021, the appeal proceedings against the verdict took place, in which it was considered proportionate that Depp could be called a “women’s thug” in an article in the daily newspaper “The Sun” in 2018.

At the judge’s ruling at the end of 2020, Heard was also awarded seven million dollars, which she has already received from her ex-husband – and exactly this money should be an important piece of the puzzle in proving Depp’s innocence after all. Because the actress is said to have never donated the money, as she had publicly announced.

Johnny Depp + Amber Heard: Your legal battle never ends

Heard had already stated at the beginning of the trial that he wanted to donate any money awarded to her in the proceedings to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and to the ACLU civil rights organization.

But this has still not happened, according to the report Depp’s lawyer Andrew Caldecott before the Court of Appeal. Instead, Heard faked the generous gesture only to give “a significant boost to their credibility as a person.” As a result, “the scales were tipped against Mr. Depp from the beginning.” The promise was a “calculated and manipulative lie to achieve a positive effect,” Depp’s lawyer said back in March.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Now the team of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star achieves a partial victory: Amber Heard must prove with official documents that the funds have actually flowed to the corresponding organizations, as “Daily Mail” reports.

Donation notice could reopen the process

Instead of donating the seven million dollars – as actually announced – the children’s hospital received just 100,000 dollars from Heard in January. The $3.5 million donation to the civil rights organization has never been proven to date. The 34-year-old must now change that and submit the ACLU document to the court.

For Depp a partial victory: If his ex-wife has actually not transferred the money in full, this changes the charitable portrayal of the actress in the trial against “The Sun”. Depp could resume the proceedings.

Amber Heard’s lawyers explain missing payments

According to Heard’s lawyers, the full sum has not yet been donated only because Depp never tires of suing her: “Amber is hindered in her goal because Mr. Depp has sued her. That’s why she was forced to spend millions of dollars to fend off Mr. Depp’s false accusations,” TMZ quoted Heard’s attorney Elaine Bredehoft as saying earlier this year. As the current state of affairs, the “Paranoia” actress will now have to disclose.

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