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Versatility at Olympia 2021 Live: Julia Krajewski wins gold

After the exciting decision in the team competition, the riders will now fight individually for the medals. Julia Krajewski has particularly good chances.

  • The last event in eventing at the Olympics 2021 is coming up. Julia Krajewski is fighting for gold in the individual jumping.
  • In the team competition, Germany just missed the medal ranks with fourth place.
  • Eventing has its origins in England. You can also tell from the favorites for the individual decision.

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Olympia 2021: Gold for Julia Krajewski and Amande de B’Nevile

+++ GOLD for Germany! Julie Krajewski has a time error, but it doesn’t matter. She makes herself the first female winner in eventing at the Olympic Games.

+++ 4.80 fault for Oliver Townend. With that he is out of the medals. What is Julia Krajewski doing?

+++ Tom McEwen takes the lead! The Brit crossed the finish line with 0.40 penalty points. He’s sure of a medal.

+++ Now it’s getting really exciting here. The best are so close together that practically everyone can win here. Andrew Hoy presented a zero error ride. The last three can’t afford anything now.

+++ Laura Collett missed the chance to put the competition under pressure. Two jumping faults at the end of the round wash the Briton backwards.

+++ 4 penalty points for the Frenchman Christopher Six. But he was quick.

+++ Kazuma Tomoto takes the lead in his homeland! Only 0.40 points of error go to his account. It doesn’t get any worse than seventh.

Olympia 2021: Michael Jung with a mistake in versatility

+++ Michael Jung is through! A jumping fault puts him in second place. The mistake in the terrain also denied him a medal here.

+++ Jonelle Price could do a little better than her husband. With 9.2 points it ranks third.

+++ The French Nicolas Touzaint lays the first faultless ride on the sand of Tokyo. That eats the new leadership.

+++ Kevin McNab from Australia leaves the course with 12 penalty points.

Olympia 2021: Still no ride without mistakes

+++ Still no flawless ride in this round. Shane Rose from Australia takes 4 points.

+++ That was close. Karim Florent Laghouag’s horse jumps the jump from the combination practically from a standing position and clears the jump. 8.80 points of failure.

+++ Here, too, it is not without errors. 13.20 points are obviously too many for Melody Johner from Switzerland.

+++ Boyd Martin from the USA gets 13.60 penalty points for his ride.

+++ Tim Price’s 21.60 points are too many for a reasonable placement. The New Zealander Tim Price is in penultimate place.

+++ Lea Siegl from Austria got the second jumping fault at the last minute. Eight points are not enough for the lead.

Olympia 2021: First a ride in time

+++ That was the first ride in time. Austin O’Connor from Ireland only has 4 points for a jumping fault.

+++ The mistakes of Philipp Dutton from the USA are awarded 10.80 points. This does not change anything in terms of leadership.

+++ There are also time mistakes for Doug Payne. There are a total of 4.40 points of error. That’s the lead for now.

+++ That was too many mistakes for the Chinese Alex Hua Tian. 17.60 penalty points wash him back a few places.

+++ 5.50 fault points for Susanna Bordone from Italy. That is the short term leadership.

Olympia 2021: Many time mistakes in eventing

+++ And also for the New Zealander Jesse Campbell it is not without penalty points. 9.60 points. He is the third rider with a time error. So it’s also about speed.

+++ Solid round for the Swiss Felix Vogg. 5.2 points of error are behind his name.

+++ The first starter is through. Foouad Mirza leaves the course with 12.40 penalty points. For the Indian, however, participation here alone is a success.

Tokyo – fourth place in the team competition. And only just missed a medal. On Monday lunchtime, all three German riders were able to show strong rides and clear rounds inside. Due to mistakes in dressage and in the field, the gap to the top three places was too big.

It looks different now in the individual decision. After strong performances in all partial tests of eventing at the 2021 Olympics, Julia Krajewski is in first place before the decisive final round. If she gets through her course cleanly, practically no one can take the gold medal away from her. Michael Jung and Sandra Auffahrt, on the other hand, have little or no chance of placing in the top three.

Olympia 2021: Krajewski with a chance of gold

These are the top ten before the final jump:

Julia Krajewski Germany
Oliver Townend Great Britain
Tom McEwen Great Britain
Andrew Hoy Australia
Laura Collett Great Britain
Christopher Six France
Kazuma Tomoto Japan
Michael Jung Germany
Jonelle Price New Zealand
Nicolas Touzaint France

(Pia Ewald)

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