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Princess Diana: Did you know? She was an accomplished pianist

Princess Diana
Rediscovered video shows great piano talent

Princess Diana plays the piano – and with passion.


An unknown video of Princess Diana has resurfaced: in 1988 she is asked to play the piano in Melbourne and impresses everyone present with her talent.

At first she smiles embarrassed – but then Princess Diana, †36, sits down at the piano and impresses with her abilities. Until then, hardly anyone knew how well the then wife of Prince Charles, 72, could play the piano. Only when the two traveled in Australia in 1988 and attended a school in Melbourne could the public get an idea of their musical talent.

Princess Diana: Spontaneous Rachmaninov Concert

There they meet an old friend of Charles’ who knows that the princess has hidden abilities and asks her to play something on the piano. At first she smiles shyly, but then dares to play in front of the people – and unexpectedly inspires all those present with a piece by the Russian composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninov. You can see the rare shot of Princess Diana in the video.

Source used:The Sun


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