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Oscar contender Amanda Seyfried thinks she’s intellectually superior to any man

Amanda Seyfried is nominated for the Oscars for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Marion Davies in the film “Mank”. The actually existing actress Marion Davis, who died in Los Angeles in 1961, was a protégé of newspaper czar William Randolph Hearst – and his partner, the two had a child together. What has gone down in Hollywood history: Davis had talent, mind – and heart. RND author Dierk Sinderman spoke about this with actress Amanda Seyfried.

Amanda Seyfried, were you known to Marion Davies before this film?

Amanda Seyfried: I had heard the name once, but I didn’t know anything else about her. After playing her, I have to say: Marion was a woman who was totally funny and stood with both feet on the floor. With her you could have a beer and I would have liked to have had her as a friend.

Although their reputation was not the best…

They weren’t interested in that. She firmly believed that she was intellectually superior to any man. By the way, I also think that of myself (smiles). However, it took me 35 years to say something like that about myself. Better late than never.

Marion Davies and Hearst have been together for 20 years and have had a child together. Nevertheless, he never married her.

They had a very deep connection and trusted each other. They were like best friends and Marion loved him. However, on an emotional rather than a physical basis. She found him quite boring because he was also much older. But she would never have left him because he gave her security and security. He had a kind of father role for her in life, in a good, healthy way. If something like that works (laughs).

You became a mother for the second time in September. What was the birth like in Corona times?

The birth was unfortunately a bit different from my daughter’s three years ago. After all, my husband and mother were able to be there and the nurse is a very good friend of mine. Given the horror stories of births in hospitals, I had it good.

With a newborn and a three-year-old at home, do you still have time for yourself?

Yes I have! We have been living on our farm in New York State since the outbreak of the pandemic and are three adults at home. My mother moved in and helps us a lot with her grandchildren. She is simply the best!

You have kept your pregnancy a secret from the public. why?

That’s what made them so unique. Usually I don’t get a chance to have a private life. My life is an open book, especially since I share a lot on social media. But I keep some things a secret. It was so cool to surprise the world with the news: Look, I have a baby!

How did her daughter Nina react when she learned that she was having a little brother?

Since she was not even three years old, we did it very carefully and involved her. She has seen that Mom’s belly is getting bigger and we made it clear to her that there is a baby growing in it.

Were there jealousies when her brother was born?

On the contrary, she does not feel threatened in her status. She loves her little brother more than anything and is so careful with him. Her life has become even better because of him and she already has incredible confidence for her age.

Quite the mom?

Not at all. I had little self-confidence when I was growing up. I had to buy it when I got older. That’s why it was so important to me to make my daughter feel from the beginning that she will always be good enough, no matter what she does.

How much does your little one love growing up on a farm?

Very much. Just like their little friends. She invites them to playdates with our animals. It’s like a private petting zoo. I wish I had had something like this earlier as a girl.

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