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Olympia: “Painted too black”: A lot of athletes praise for the Tokyo Games

The Olympic Games in Tokyo are not as bad as expected. A large number of athletes are now positive about the atmosphere and mood – and even about the much freer life in the athletes’ village.

Many athletes traveled to Tokyo with fears, apprehensions, worries and without the illusion of the carefree Olympic Festival.

After half of the controversial pandemic games, the rating has changed, the prejudices and the great skepticism have turned into more and more recognition and praise – even in the highest tones. “What is missing is the audience,” said Sideris Tasiadis, bronze canoe slalom winner. “If they had been there it would have been the best game ever.”

“Painted too black beforehand”

Sports shooter Christian Reitz is also surprised by the atmosphere, the much more positive mood and the organization of the summer games. “In many areas, the athletes painted it too black beforehand,” says the Olympic champion with the rapid-fire pistol from 2016, who was unable to win a medal in Tokyo. “It hasn’t gotten as bad as one or the other would suggest.”

Standard bearer Patrick Hausding agrees with the positive interim conclusion. “It was clear that not everything would go perfectly here. We would be lying to ourselves,” said the 32-year-old Olympic third in synchronized jumping. “So far it seems to be the case that we have very good games and the organizers in Japan have done a very good job in terms of corona prevention,” said Hausding. “I’m very satisfied.”

The three-time Olympic participant even enjoyed the limited, but from his point of view not lifeless hustle and bustle in the Olympic village: “Apart from the fact that we have to wear a mask and have fewer leisure activities, it’s like I’m used to from previous games.” The fear of being locked in the room and only being allowed to go to the cafeteria to eat was not confirmed: “That would have been violent.”

Taekwondo fighter Bachmann enthusiastic

Taekwondo fighter Alexander Bachmann was also enthusiastic about the atmosphere in the Olympic village, despite the strict hygiene and safety regulations. “Despite everything, I found the atmosphere here and the feeling of being a part of the Olympics just fantastic,” said the 27-year-old before his competition. After the early retirement in the weight class over 80 kilograms, he didn’t care about any unexpected glory: “I’m glad to come home.”

Synchronized jumper Tina Punzel did not find it totally relaxed in the athletes’ village. “When you eat, when you stand in line, you think that it doesn’t always work that way with the distance,” she said, but emphasized: “They are special games, not necessarily worse ones.”

Heavyweight boxer Ammar Riad Abduljabbar is enthusiastic about the caring hosts. “The Japanese are very, very nice, very warm,” he said. Judo fighter Giovanna Scoccimarro appreciates another quality of the Japanese: “It is always very important to them that everything is very clean and thorough, which I think is very good. That is why the organization is optimal.”

The swimmer Henning Mühlleitner experiences the Tokyo Games as he had previously soberly imagined. “It had been clear for months that corona everything will overshadow. “The competitions have stayed the same: I jump into the 50-meter pool and have swum my 400 meters,” said the Olympic fourth. “I hope I can do it again Olympic games 2024 in Paris. Who knows if it will be different. “

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