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Olympia 2021 stadiums, venues and venues today on 2.8.21

Venues for the 2021 Olympics: We give an overview of the stadiums and the other venues in Tokyo.

the Olympic Games in Tokyo have been postponed by one year to summer 2021 due to the global corona crisis. The stadiums, Olympic venues and competition venues were already set in 2020 and will also apply to the 2021 Olympics. We will present the various arenas, halls and stadiums briefly and clearly.

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Stadiums and sports facilities with short distances: Olympia 2021

At the Olympics in Tokyo there should be short distances and therefore there are as many sporting competitions as possible in one place Eight kilometer radius around the Olympic village instead of. Only fencing, soccer, badminton, track cycling, basketball, golf, modern pentathlon, rugby, shooting, sailing, mountain biking, horse riding, taekwondo and wrestling are held outside this eight-kilometer radius.

The sports facilities are divided into the within the eight-kilometer radius Heritage Zone in the north and the Tokyo Bay Zone in the south. The riding course, the table tennis and handball hall and the Olympic Stadium are located in the northern Heritage Zone. The Gymnastics Center and Tokyo Aquatics Center are located in the Tokyo Bay Zone, as are the rowing and canoeing trails. There will be no village for the press.

The linchpin of the 2021 Olympic Games is the one designed by star architect Kengo Kuma Olympic Stadiumwhose shape is reminiscent of the pagoda of the 1,300-year-old Horyuji Temple. The stadium is equipped with fans and fog machines to create relaxed climatic conditions for athletes. The cost of the stadium, which opened on December 15, 20219, is 1.3 billion euros.

The venues are listed below. We also state how many seats they would have actually offered – even if in Japan due to the corona pandemic, no spectators are allowed to attend the 2021 Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics: Venues in the Tokyo Bay Zone

The venues and competition arenas at the Olympic Games in the Tokyo Bay Zone are characterized by an innovative design in Tokyo Bay. The rowers will compete in the Sea Forest Waterway, the beach volleyball players in the new Ariake Arena. At Tsurigasaki Beach the surfers will compete for the Olympic competitions.

  • Olympic BMX Course / BMX (5,000 places)
  • Olympic Gymnastic Center / Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics & Trampoline Gymnastics (12,000 seats)
  • Ariake arena / Volleyball (15,000 seats)
  • Ariake tennis Forest Park / tennis (2,000 to 10,000 places)
  • Odaiba Marine Park / Triathlon & Open water swimming (10,000 places)
  • Kasai Slalom Course / Canoe Slalom (12,000 seats and 3,000 standing spaces)
  • Dream Island Archery Field / Archery (6,000 seats)
  • Shiokaze Park / Beach volleyball (12,000 seats)
  • Oi Hockey Stadium / Hockey (5,000 & 10,000 places)
  • Sea Forest Cross-Country Course (20,000 seats)
  • Sea Forest Waterway / Rowing & Canoeing / Kayak Sprint (14,000 seats and 10,000 standing spaces)
  • Tatsumi Water Polo Center / Water polo (5,000 seats)
  • Olympic Aquatics Center / Swimming, synchronized swimming & artificial diving and high diving (20,000 seats)

Tokyo Olympics: Venues in the Heritage Zone

Eleven venues and arenas for the 2020 Summer Olympics are located in the Heritage Zone, which stretches from central Tokyo to the city of Chofu. The zone includes the Olympic Stadium, the National Stadium, which is the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies, which are football and athletics competitions. In the city of Chofu, on the other hand, the marathon and walking disciplines are held in the gardens of the Imperial Palace.

  • Olympic Stadium / Athletics, Football and Opening & Closing Ceremonies (68,000 seats)
  • Tōkyō Taiikukan / Table tennis (10,000 seats)
  • Tōkyō Kokusai Fōramu / Weightlifting (5,000 seats)
  • Ryogoku Kokugikan / Boxing (10,000 seats)
  • National sports hall Yoyogi / handball (12,000 seats)
  • Baji Kōen / Equestrian
  • Nippon Budōkan / Judo (11,000 seats)
  • Garden of the Imperial Palace / Athletics competitions in walking & marathon
  • Musashinonomori Park / Road Race (1,000 places)

Olympic Games in Tokyo: other competition arenas – selected locations

  • Musashino Forest Sports Plaza / Badminton & Modern Pentathlon (8,000 seats) in Chofu
  • Imperial Hotel / seat of IOC
  • Harumi Futo / Olympic Village
  • Tokyo Stadion / Modern pentathlon, soccer & 7-a-side rugby (50,000 seats) in Chofu
  • Tokyo Big Sight / Media Center and International Broadcast Center
  • Musashino Forest Park / finish of the road bike race (1,000 places) in Chofu/ Foxu / Mitaka
  • Enoshima marina / sailing
  • Izu Velodrome / track bike (4300 seats) in Izu
  • Asaka Shooting Range (4,600 or 3,000 places) in Asaka
  • Kasumigaseki Country Club / golf (1,000 seats + 24,000 standing) in Kawagoe
  • Makuhari Messe / Fencing, Wrestling & Taekwondo (6,000 / 8,000 seats) in Chiba
  • Tsurigasaki Surfing Beach / Surfing
  • Izu Mountain bike course / mountain bike
  • Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium / Inaugural Baseball & Softball Games
  • Soccer arenas outside of Tokyo: Miyagi Stadium in Rifu (50,000 places), Sapporo Dome in Sapporo (41,000 seats), Saitama Stadium 2002 in Saitama (64,000 seats) and that International Stadium Yokohama in Yokohama (72,000 seats)

Olympia 2021: cost of the Olympics and postponement

What are the costs that Japan will incur for the Olympic Games? The information on this is very different. The organizers had a sum 11.5 billion euros called. The national audit office in Japan, on the other hand, assumes significantly higher costs: the equivalent of more than 25 billion euros is the talk. Experts also expect that the postponement will be converted into additional 5.7 billion euros to book.

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