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Johnny Depp forces disclosure: Did Amber Heard really donate?

Johnny Depp enforces disclosure
Did Amber Heard really donate?

Johnny Depp paid seven million dollars to Amber Heard after their short-term marriage. Money that the actress promised to give high and holy. But did she really do that? This must now be disclosed, a New York court ruling.

The marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lasted little more than a year. The War of the Roses since their divorce, on the other hand, has been raging for more than four years now. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star recently suffered a heavy defeat. Eventually, he lost a sensational trial in London against the tabloid “The Sun”, which had dubbed him a “woman thug”.

But the battle between Depp and Heard is far from over. So the actor continues to fight for his good reputation in courts in the USA. Here he now achieves a partial success, as US media unanimously report.

Is it all just lip service?

Specifically, it is about the severance payment that Depp paid to his ex after the final divorce in January 2017. At the time, seven million dollars went from the account of the now 58-year-old to that of his 23 years younger deceased. At the time, Heard promised high and holy to donate the entire sum – probably also under the impression of public speculation that her marriage to Depp was only about taking advantage of the Hollywood star.

In the ongoing War of the Roses, however, Heard had to put up with the accusation that the donation she announced was mere lip service. That she really donated the money to charity is still unproven. Now, however, the actress can no longer avoid actually showing what happened to the seven million.

As initially reported by USA Today, a New York court ordered the disclosure of the alleged donation payment. The “American Civil Rights Union” (ACLU), which was to benefit from the money in addition to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles, must therefore make public whether the millions have really arrived at it.

Johnny Depp is “delighted”

“Mr. Depp is delighted with the court decision,” Benjamin Chew, a lawyer for the actor, is quoted as saying. Andrew Caldecott, another of the star’s lawyers, accused Heard that her claim to donate the money was a “calculated and manipulative lie.” Depp had been pushed into the defensive from the beginning. Caldecott also claimed that the children’s hospital in Los Angeles had already declared in 2019 that it had not received any donations from Heard.

The question of what happened to the money was already a topic in the London trial around “The Sun”. Here, the lawyers of the newspaper publisher rejected the accusation that Heard had lied, among other things, with the note that the actress had only promised to donate the money “over ten years”. In fact, this doesn’t sound very sovereign.

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