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“Ice cream on a stick” complete box – part 1-8 on DVD now only 19,97 Euro

Currently on Amazon: “Popsicles” Complete Box – Parts 1-8 on DVD now only more 19,97 euro.

Three teenage Romeos go on a big sex ride. They hijack girls. At first, they don’t really get their shot. They try in every way to pass their most masculinity. They happily measure their sex machines to determine who is “the greatest” in the class…
The three of them buy a prostitute. With her, they get unpleasant insects, which cause them a lot of itching and pain the next day at school (and in their pants). The output seems elegiac. Otherwise, the film is of a fiddly rage that – depending on the situation – gets on your nerves or inspires you to scream.
Runtime: 89 Min.
Year of production: 1977

“Popsicles – Part 2: Girlfriend”
Bennie, Momo and Johnny are classmates and best friends. One day they steal a car to make one in the city. With their girls, they then celebrate a moonlight party on the beach. However, a motorcycle gang causes discord and grabs the girls and clothes of the three boys. Splinter-naked, the three make their way home. Benny tries to land at the beautiful Tammy, unfortunately unsuccessfully, but he does not give up. His persistence pays off when he is invited to a party. Here it comes to a huge brawl. The most important evening of the year – the prom – gives the opportunity to change partners or reconcile. Bennie regains Tammy’s love with a grand, tragicomic gesture.
Runtime: 84 Min.
Year of production: 1979

“Popsicles – Part 3: Love Affairs”
The blonde Trixi visits Benny’s family. Benny gets stalk eyes when he picks them up. His father also has wet hands with excitement. Trixi is well aware of her charms and is not stingy with them. Benny and his father are almost exaggerating to give the attractive guest an unforgettable stay. Momo and Johnny also work as tourist guides in their very special way. As if that were not enough, the trio is experiencing an adventure of a very special kind. Benny, meanwhile, is busy conquering a “bee” that has a hot reputation in the city. Unfortunately, he falls in love with the girl, but she thinks it’s old-fashioned to have only one boyfriend…
Runtime: 87 Min.
Year of production: 1980

“Popsicles – Part 4: Rabbit Hunt”
The summer holidays have ended early for our three teenagers this time, because they have to go to a youth camp where military drill awaits them. Benny and Johnny arrive at the camp with their parents in tow to be taken in. While their parents give them patent recipes for barracks life, Bobby says goodbye to his various girlfriends. It doesn’t take long for the three to make friends with some young ladies stationed in the neighboring camp. Benny, romantic and sensitive, falls in love with Betty, who is the general’s daughter of all people. Betty decides not to tell Benny about her father to make sure that his love has nothing to do with her father. Of course, this secret does not remain hidden for long and complications follow…
Runtime: 78 Min.
Year of production: 1982

“Popsicles – Part 5: The Great Love”
Benny falls immortally in love with Playboy Bobby’s little sister Ginny, who – even if the big brother wants to put a stop to it – is already standing firmly by her wife. A real period of suffering begins for the two, while Bobby does not miss any opportunity to prove himself worthy of his loose image. Only Jonny, who is always chased by a streak of bad luck shortly before cutting the sugar cake, once again has serious difficulties on all free lanes. But, don’t worry: Brisk sayings always help you make ends meet.
Runtime: 81 Min.
Production year: 1983
Director: Dan Wolman

“Popsicles – Part 6: Holiday Love”
Hot rock’n roll – and the hardships of the two would-be playboys never end; As soon as Johnny has conquered a new bed with cuddly contents, the angry father of the sweet ones appears and waves around wildly with the knife. Johnny, faced with the alternative of saving the honor of the little ones by marriage or ending up as goulash, chooses the third way, the escape. Together with his friend Benny, he hires on a cruise ship of all places.iel Venice means – but not peace. Because on the high seas you can’t escape the girls. And for the light sailors of love, stormy times begin…
Runtime: 76 Min.
Production year: 1985
Director: Dan Wolman

“Popsicles – Part 7: Boys in Love”
It’s going to be a “hot” summer: storm-free stalls, funky parties, cute girls and Daddy_s Cadillac. Johnny, Bobby and Benny are foaming over with joie de vivre. Now a few rabbits are “torn open” with the great Cadillac and then… A wagonload of melons on Daddy_s showpiece rudely interrupts the frivolously cheerful dreams. In order to pay for the repair, our three heroes take a temporary job at the beach hotel – and can’t believe their eyes at the sight of the female guests.
Runtime: 79 Min.
Production year: 1986
Director: Walter Bannert

“Popsicles – Part 8: Summertime Blues”
The hunt for hot rabbits has made Johnny, Benny and Bobby quite clever. That’s why they decide to let the girls come “free house” from now on: A separate bar on the beach is needed! But where to take from and not steal? Johnny has an idea: if Benny were to dredge up the clumsy Polly, her father might be beaten up to leave the empty beach bar he owns to the trio. The plan seems to be working despite all the misunderstandings and turbulence. But firstly, it turns out differently – and secondly than you think…
Runtime: 84 Min.
Production year: 1988
Director: Reinhard Schwabenitzky

Nostalgic Bonus: Super 8 versions of parts 1 and 2; Bonus Disc: “The Incredible Adventures of Guru Jacob”;

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