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Hollywood star Emily Blunt: “We humans have to stick together”

Emily Blunt at the premiere of “A Quiet Place II” in New York City in March 2020. imago/Runway Manhattan

A post-apocalyptic world in which a family has to fight for their survival against noise-chasing creatures – “A Quiet Place” very successfully gave viewers goosebumps in 2018. In the second part of the horror film (which will be shown in US cinemas on June 28), Emily Blunt alias Evelyn is on her own this time. She has to defend herself and her children against the monsters without her film husband John Krasinski (with whom she is also married in real life).

Berliner KURIER: What happened to John in the film?

Emily Blunt: I don’t want to anticipate that. But I stand as Evelyn without my partner and without our safe retreat. Our house has been destroyed and I have to fight my way through alone with my two children and a newborn baby outside. There are other people in the area, but I don’t know who I can trust. I become a mother bear who is all about defending her cubs by all means.

Against monsters that appeared out of the blue. That fits into the present time. An invisible killer who suddenly rules and kills the world.

It’s crass how much more people can identify with this terrible concept in 2021. The film was supposed to be released last year, but the launch was cancelled with the outbreak of the pandemic. That’s why, during the first lockdown, the posters of “A Quiet Place 2” hung around in deserted New York and Los Angeles for months. I was constantly asked by people how scary they thought it was. I also found it a bit scary.

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Can we transfer something from the film for our reality?

I think so. That it is more difficult to fight and defeat a common enemy when society is broken. We humans simply have to stick together and form a community if we want to win in the end!

If you weren’t married to him, how would you objectively rate John Krasinski as a director?

As a true perfectionist who does not accept “no” as an answer. Unless the “no” comes from me! (laughs) Otherwise, he always finds a way to fulfill his creative version. He bites hard. That’s what I love about him!

Do you have an example?

At the beginning of the film, there is a car scene that the studio wanted to remove from the script because it was not technically feasible. But John has found and ordered a special camera equipment in Germany. With it you could film through the car roof.

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Emily Blunt and her husband John Krasinski at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles. imago/Media Punch

Is it hard to work with your life partner on set?

With enough “McCallum 12” whiskey on the rocks you can somehow get through it (laughs). For us, it works really well with the contract on set, because we have very similar creative ideas. Not only do we value each other very much privately, we also respect each other professionally.

But don’t you sometimes get on each other’s nerves when you see each other all the time – especially when it’s usually different as an actor couple?

no! And if I did, I certainly wouldn’t admit it! (laughs) I have the feeling that you have scenes of us haunting your head in which we fire ourselves up with plates at home in the evening. It is true that we have often been separated longer because of our film projects. One stayed with the children when the other was filming. It was really nice this time to have so much time together!

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Your daughters are 7 and 4. As a mom, do you have a “quiet place”, a retreat where they sometimes have their absolute peace?

Absolute rest is very rare. Then I have to be at home alone, which is almost never the case. Most likely when I order John to go out with the girls. Only then will I find the opportunity to read a book.

As a mother who defends her kids, they grow beyond themselves in the film. is has this ever happened in your life?

Now not like in the movie, where it’s about life and death. But there was a critical moment. Our older daughter Hazel fell off her scooter and opened her chin very badly. In the middle of Brooklyn on the street. John took her in his arms and we ran 15 blocks to the emergency room in record time. There they had to sew the chin with 15 stitches, it was horrible.

She and John seem to complement each other perfectly, even after 11 years of marriage!

As a husband and father, he is like six right for me and our girls. I’m sure we were meant for each other.

Your film plays with primal fears. What is your biggest fear?

I feel like Evelyn in the movie. The fear of losing someone I love. I’ve only experienced this once. When my grandma died. I was devastated. Now that I’m getting older, I already know friends who have lost a parent. I just try not to think about it and focus on the most beautiful aspects of my life.

They would be?

My children, my family, my job – the whole wonderful package. I’m just grateful for my life. I love it more than anything!

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