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Emma Stone also wants to sue Disney!

That Emma Stone is the crazy Cruella de Vil in the film of the same name, already caused great enthusiasm among the fans last year with the announcement of the cast of roles. No wonder, because Oscar winner is one of the most popular actresses of our time and Cruella the Disney villain par excellence. With Hollywood greats at their side like Emma Thompson and Mark Strong the film promises a really great cast!

But unfortunately, not everything that shines seems to be gold – Disney is now playing along badly with the actress!

Due to the corona pandemic, cinemas worldwide were closed for a long time and the halls were not fully utilized. In this situation, the Maus Group sensed its chance to still get money and developed a new release model: Films will now also be released parallel to the theatrical release. Disney+ offered as premium VoD. So also “Cruella”.

For Disney, this new business idea is of course great, because the company benefits from the revenues of the users who pay a surcharge on their actual subscription for the newly launched movies. The model is described as “VIP access” on Disney+.

Emma Stone: Is Disney playing the wrong game with her?

So far so good. The problem, however, is that the new business model is noticeably reducing revenues at the box office. Because most people will prefer to watch the film at home instead of going to the cinema.

This is exactly what happened in the run-up to the Marvel blockbuster “Black Widow”why “Natasha Romanoff”actress Scarlett Johansson Also sued Disney a few days ago. Emma Stone also sees this as the hope of reconsidering the missing income.

Because: The more money is recorded for “Cruella” in the cinema, the higher the fee for the actress. This means that Stone will probably earn significantly less from the film than she was originally promised in her contract.

What does Disney say about the allegations?

Even in the case of Johansson, Disney was anything but insightful. The lawsuit would be completely unfounded, according to the company, which also claims that the actress was allegedly compensated for the lack of revenue from the release on Disney+.

Is that true? questionable. A court is still deciding on the facts. Depending on the outcome of the case, Emma Stone is also likely to take legal action against Disney, according to US media reports. How much money ultimately ended up at Disney+ remains a secret for the time being.

For the fans, it’s just fingers crossed. If there is a dispute between the two parties, the sequel to “Cruella” planned for the future may be at stake.

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