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Emily Blunt: Compassion for Stutterers

Emily Blunt stands up for people who stutter.

The actress herself suffered from being a stutterer for many years. Nevertheless, she managed to become one of the most successful female Hollywood stars. To help other stutterers, the 38-year-old is now working with the American Institute of Stuttering. “I have the feeling that I can find fulfillment with this foundation, because it is so close to my heart personally,” she reveals. “I understand the suffering these children and adults are going through.”

In the general public, a lot of “misinformation” about stuttering is spread. “So it’s my job to educate people about what it’s about, that it’s not based on fear,” explains the Briton in an interview with the ‘OK!’ Magazine. “It’s not true that you have an intellectual disability or are nervous. It’s neurological and genetic and nobody’s fault – and children can’t do anything about it.”

The ‘A Quiet Place’ actress feels a lot of “compassion” for people who would despair of their stuttering. “You can’t explain it to anyone because you can’t speak. You are completely trapped by it,” she emphasizes the problem. “What I’m telling the kids and parents is that they just have to learn to embrace that part of themselves. You have to learn that it is not your whole self, but only a part of you. Everyone has something to struggle with.”

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