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Elisabeth Seitz ends her suffering with fifth place at the Olympics – SWR Sport

Elisabeth Seitz performed fifth on the uneven bars at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. For the Stuttgart resident it was a very special achievement after a very special year.

Elisabeth Seitz hugged her trainer and smiled contentedly. After a remarkable demonstration on the uneven bars, the Stuttgart woman took fifth place on the uneven bars at the Olympic Games in Tokyo on Sunday. With 14,400 points, the 27-year-old gymnast only missed the bronze medal by 0.1 points.

“I’m satisfied, definitely. The entire Olympic Games were a huge success for me,” said the 27-year-old in an interview with ARD. “For the whole of last year and also at the beginning of this year, I could never have thought of putting something like this on the mat. I’m more than happy with myself.”

Medals go to Belgium, Russia and the USA

The Olympic champion was Nina Derwael from Belgium with 15,200 points ahead of the Russian Alija Mustafina (14,833) and Sunisa Lee from the USA (14,500). The best at the jump was the Brazilian Rebeca Andrade with an average score of 15.083 points for two jumps. On the ground, Artem Dolgopyat took the first turn gold for Israel with 14.933 points. The Briton Max Whitlock repeated his success in Rio de Janeiro on the pommel horse with 15,583 points.

Elisabeth Seitz and the old iron

Both women’s finals and the all-around final took place without US superstar Simone Biles, who had canceled her starts due to mental problems. The four-time Olympic champion from 2016 also refrains from participating in the decision on the ground this Monday. It is questionable whether the 24-year-old will start on the balance beam on Tuesday.


Simone Biles at the Olympic Games (Photo: picture-alliance / Reportdienste, picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS | Kunihiko Miura)

Enormous pressure and “demons in the head” have induced world gymnastics star Simone Biles to drop out of the competitions at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. SWR sports editor Johannes Seemüller explains why the subject of “mental health” is still a taboo in top-class sport.

As the oldest finalist on the uneven bars, Seitz flirted with her age in advance. The 27-year-old said that longer breaks are good for her, “because I’m from the older generation”. Sixth place at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, fourth place in Rio 2016 and fifth place in Tokyo 2021 – Elisabeth Seitz is also really proud of that. “Nine years have passed from London until now. Nine years to stay at the top of the world and nine years later to be able to say that this is my third time in the parallel bars at the Olympic Games and I can again show that I am one of the best. that makes you extremely proud, “said Seitz. “The pride is now even bigger – on the one hand because I’m older, on the other hand because I’ve fought for so long and the last year was so difficult and I have proven to myself that giving up is not an option for me.”

Seitz gets lost in the Corona year

Because 2020 was a horror year for Elisabeth Seitz: Corona lockdown, loneliness and then the cancellation of the Olympic Games. Away with goals, away with fitness, away with motivation, away with fighting spirit – everything ended in sadness and disappointment in oneself. “That was then just gone. The reason for hard training was gone for me, I could no longer get my body to train hard because I no longer knew for what,” she reported. “But getting over it and fighting your way over it was something very special. And somehow I felt that here.

Seitz enjoys flying and loves parallel bars

The turning point came with the dawn of the belated Olympic year. “Now old Eli is back,” she said. She proved that in Tokyo at her third Olympic Games with ninth place in the all-around competition. In seventh place, Elisabeth Seitz qualified for the finals on her parade uneven bars. “The most fascinating thing for me is flying. Flying in a controlled manner to catch the spar again,” she said. Sometimes she is also enthusiastic about herself: “To be honest, when I watch videos of myself, it is sometimes crazy how I fly around there.” The fascinating thing about parallel bars is “that we do things that a normal citizen cannot even imagine at first. We implement the unimaginable and do it to perfection. I think that’s pretty cool,” enthused Elisabeth Seitz.

She has translated her passion for gymnastics on the uneven bars into an element of her own creation: the Seitz. She further developed the so-called Schaposhnikova, a flight from the lower to the upper spar. “I invented it with a whole longitudinal axis rotation, where I turn once and start again at the top. Pretty cool,” she said, describing her invention. But because the rating for the difficulty is too low “for it to be so difficult”, the 27-year-old did not do the element in her Tokyo exercise. “But well, I made it up anyway, that’s my part and I’m happy about it,” she said lightly and shrugged.

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