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Amber Heard must disclose payments

In the War of the Roses between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, there is an enormous accusation in the room: Amber is said to have lied about her donations to charitable organizations. A judge now decided – the actress must disclose her payment receipts!

The 35-year-old has promised in court to donate the money received in the course of the divorce to charitable associations.

Amber Heard must disclose donations

The divorce drama surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seems to have no end. The couple separated in 2017 after Amber accused the 58-year-old of beating her. Only a few weeks ago, Footage from a bodycam has surfaced that supposedly proves the opposite. And now the next bang: Amber Heard must present evidence of her payment transactions in court. According to the “Daily Mail”, this was now decided by a competent judge.

Actress promises to donate 3.5 million to charity

The 35-year-old had promised, according to the divorce agreement, to donate seven million dollars of the money she received from Johnny. Of this, 3.5 million each should go to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles and to the organization ACLU, which also campaigns against police violence. Originally, Johnny Depp wanted the ACLU to reveal whether the organization had actually received donations from Amber Heard. However, since they refused to disclose their donations, the court ruled that Amber now had to prove her expenses.

British daily newspaper described Johnny Depp as a “woman thug”

If Amber did not make the promised payments at all or only partially, that would be a clear victory for Johnny Depp. Because then his ex-wife would seem less credible – and he could resume his trial against a British magazine. The British daily newspaper “The Sun” described him as a “woman thug”. Because of this designation, the actor then sued the newspaper for delander. The court concluded in November 2020 that the tabloid had sufficient evidence that Depp had become violent against ex-wife Amber Heard at least once during his relationship. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor appealed against this verdict several times, but this was repeatedly rejected. However, if Amber Heard actually lied, the case could now be reopened.

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