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Alex Kurtzman extends contract with CBS Studios

As it was already hinted at in the fall of last year, the Star Trek series franchise will remain under the same management for the foreseeable future. loud deadline have producer Alex Kurtzman and his production company Secret Hideout once again a new contract with the CBS Studios , which produce the current formats of the long-standing science fiction brand on behalf of Paramount+. Rumor has it that a $150 million mega-deal will keep Kurtzman and his employees under contract through 2026.

The franchise currently consists not only of Star Trek: Discovery, whose fourth season is on the way, but also has more seasons of Star Trek: Picard, the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks and the children’s series Star Trek: Prodigy, as well as several planned spin-offs (such as a “Section 31“series with Michelle Yeoh) at the Arsenal. While Heather Kadin will continue to be head of content at Secret Hideout, Kurtzman will also include an adaptation of the Stephen King short story as part of the new overall deal.The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates” plus other projects.

Studio President David Stapf: “Alex and Secret Hideout have been extraordinary partners who have allowed our studio to grow exponentially through their high-profile output of high-quality series. Alex’s vision and breadth of interest remains unmatched as he and his team have revitalized the Star Trek franchise with (so far) five brilliantly unique series while creating long-running hit series for both the network and premium platforms.

Kurtzman himself adds to the contract extension: “CBS Studios has been my home for over a decade because the incomparable David Stapf is constantly finding ways to show his decency and creative passion, not just for the work we do, but for the people we do it with. In David Nevins, I’ve found a rare blow from Executive with auteur flavor and the courage to try things out, encouraging us to produce premium streaming and cable series that push boundaries. And over the past year, I’ve had the extraordinary privilege of witnessing the constant leadership that George Cheeks has brought to CBS.

Nevin serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Showtime Networks and President of Premium Content Group at ViacomCBS, cheeks as President and Chief Executive Officer at CBS.

Alex Kurtzman has been with ” since 2009Star TrekSince he wrote and co-produced the feature film reboot from the alternative Kelvin timeline. He also worked for CBS on the crime series Hawaii Five-0.

Star Trek – Picard in the stream

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