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What is she doing ON her boyfriend?


09. June 2021 – 11:32 clock

Wild ride into the VIP lounge

Mariah Carey once said the legendary phrase: “Stairs? I’m not climbing!” Instead, the diva preferred to be carried around by her staff. We don’t assume that Megan Fox (35) has also sworn off running in a dive-like way, because she lets her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly (31) drag her to the VIP lounge of a boxing match. The wild piggyback ride is probably more likely to be due to the hormones.

Machine Gun Kelly wears his Megan on his hands … uh… piggyback

Megan Fox is #xE4 to piggyback from Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan Fox is piggybacked by Machine Gun Kelly.


The other guests of the fight between boxing pro Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber Logan Paul got big eyes: Machine Gun Kelly carried his Megan piggyback all the way through the crowded corridors to their VIP lounge. The two, who presented themselves publicly as a couple for the first time in July 2020, visibly had fun. If you are in love, you are usually not so interested in what others think anyway.

Their love is as crazy as this joint performance. Machine Gun Kelly wears an ampoule of Megan’s blood on a chain around her neck. A Valentine’s Day gift from his loved ones. And on the first date, the two wanted to go straight up and climbed onto a roof, as he reveals in the video.

For Megan, Machine Gun’s love is like a “tsunami”

Megan raves about her sweetheart in the magazine “Nylon”: “Loving him is like being in love with a tsunami or a forest fire. The intensity of connecting with each other is overwhelming, and the danger it poses is so strong, but also so beautiful, that you have no choice but to surrender with reverence and gratitude.”

So it’s no wonder that she gets so soft knees near Machine Gun Kelly that she has to be worn. (csp)

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