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“Super Mario 64” will be the most expensive video game in the world

An old Nintendo console with matching controllers and the game “Super Mario Kart 64” is lying on a table at the Gamescom games fair. Photo: dpa Themendienst / Caroline Seidel

Incredible sum: “Super Mario 64” will be the most expensive video game in the world

Video games are becoming increasingly popular as collectibles: Now a 25-year-old “Super Mario 64” video game has been auctioned off in the USA for a whopping 1.56 million dollars. This corresponds to a value of around 1.3 million euros.

According to the auction house “Heritage Auctions”, the game from 1996, which is still wrapped in its original packaging, has set a world record for an originally packaged video game. This was announced by the house on Sunday in Dallas (Texas).

“The cultural significance of this title and its significance for the history of video games is outstanding,” the company said in a press release..

“Super Mario 64” is the first 3D video game of the popular character. The state of the game is “breathtaking”, according to the auction house.

“Legend of Zelda” also causes a stir

Already last Friday, another video game had caused a stir. An equally originally packaged version of the video game classic “The Legend of Zelda” was auctioned for around 870,000 dollars (733,000 euros).

Games of the “Super Mario” series are popular among collectors. “Heritage Auctions” stated that already April 2020 an unopened “Super Mario Bros.” video game from 1985 achieved the then record price of 660,000 dollars (about 556,000 euros).

First Super Mario game in 1985

The Japanese company Nintendo had the now world-famous video game “Super Mario Bros.” Launched in 1985. The mustachioed plumber Mario, known for his dungarees and red cap, must save a kidnapped princess in the console classic and fight his way through different worlds.

Pokémon cards also popular as collectibles

The price of unopened video games of this kind has skyrocketed, according to the techonology blog “The Verge”.

But not only in video games an increase in the collector’s value can be observed, also the value of Pokémon cards has also risen sharply. Ebay has even announced a feature for its app that will make it easier to scan trading cards for sale on auction sites, according to The Verge.

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