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Stowaway: How to stream the science fiction movie starring Anna Kendrick on Netflix


“Stowaway” with Anna Kendrick is now being shown in German cinemas. How you can already watch the science fiction film in the stream on Netflix today, reveals Netzwelt.

Stowaway: In the cinema and with a trick also on Netflix

Stowaway: In the cinema and with a trick also on Netflix (Source:

  • Since June 24, 2021, the science fiction film “Stowaway” has been shown in German cinemas.
  • But even with Netflix, the movie can already be streamed – by a trick.
  • Netzwelt reveals how you can see “Stowaway” immediately at home!

German film fans are now accustomed to watching current Hollywood films around the same time as the US launch. In the age of the Internet, it would be unthinkable otherwise, after all, spoilers and pirated copies find their way into the net within hours.

Of course, the corona pandemic pushed many films further and further back, but in some cases the US had to wait much shorter. On the one hand, the US cinemas reopened their doors a little earlier, on the other hand, some films appeared in the stream on HBO Max, some of which are still waiting for a theatrical release in Germany.

With “Stowaway” it was a bit different. The science fiction film starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim and Toni Collette was released on Netflix all over the world on April 22, 2021 – but not in Germany. In Germany, “Stowaway” has been running in cinemas since June 24.

Stream “Stowaway” on Netflix today

It is not particularly difficult for German Netflix users to simply stream “Stowaway” and save themselves the cinema visit. In addition to a Netflix subscription, you need a VPN service with which you can access the streaming program of other countries.

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The VPN connection allows you to bypass Netflix’s country block, which allows you to stream “Stowaway” without any problems. A German soundtrack is currently not available, but at least German subtitles. Viewers who like to watch films in the original sound will of course have no problems with the English sound anyway.

By the way, this is not the first time that a film has been released in cinemas in this country, while it is sold as a Netflix original in many other countries. “The Silence”, a “A Quiet Place” blend with Stanley Tucci and “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” star Kiernan Shipka, also ran very well on Netflix in the USA, but was completely lost at the German box office.

By the way, you can currently also stream the musical “In the Heights” before it comes to German cinemas at the end of July. How you manage to access the US streaming service HBO Max, where “Space Jam: A New Legacy” and “The Suicide Squad” await you soon in the stream, tells you Netzwelt.

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