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She cries in front of her idols

Emma Stone often burst into tears at the beginning of her career when she suddenly faced her Hollywood icons.

The ‘Cruella’ actress admits that she was in tears and completely overwhelmed when she met Diane Keaton, Bill Murray or Lorne Michaels in the early years of her career.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Stone recalls: “I don’t often play the cool, but I think I tried to keep it halfway cool in front of Steve Martin because I cried in front of several other people and that has to stop. I have this instinct to burst into tears when it’s someone I’ve really admired since I was a kid, so it’s happened too many times. I cried in front of Diane Keaton. I didn’t cry in front of Bill Murray, but I went away and cried. And then I was in the elevator for the first time with Lorne Michaels and I turned into the corner of the elevator and cried.” Today, however, the 32-year-old has herself under control. “I don’t do it that often anymore, but in my early 20s it just overwhelmed me so much. I was like a Chihuahua. Now I’m fine,” Emma continues.

Meanwhile, Emma Stone is a Hollywood star herself, was even able to look forward to an Oscar for best actress for her role in ‘La La Land’ in 2017.

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