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San Andreas 2: The Ring of Fire will probably have to wait

In 2015, it took Dwayne Johnson in the disaster action movie San Andreas with the forces of nature. Quickly, of course, there was talk of a sequel. But how is it actually nowadays San Andreas 2, about 6 years after the theatrical release of the blockbuster?

Admittedly, the end of the film does not necessarily leave many questions unanswered, because in principle the story that should be told is complete. Nevertheless, a year later, there were reports that San Andreas 2 the so-called “Ring of Fire”.

During the Collider Ladies Night Spoke Alexandra Daddario above San Andreas 2 and how she assesses the chances for the sequel. Daddario played the daughter of Johnson’s Raymond Gaines at the time and a comeback for the Gaines family would be quite possible in a sequel. But Daddario doesn’t believe in it.

For several years, one would have faced her San Andreas 2 when they were mentioned at New Line would have been. She does not believe that the person in charge with whom she would have spoken at the time is still in the company at all. A draft had already existed at that time, but as far as she knew, San Andreas 2 not implemented. The film was a long time ago and San Andreas 2 would have been in development, but that happens in Hollywood all the time.

The actors involved are not always up to date on the development of sequels or films in general, but if you are looking for San Andreas 2 daddario’s statement dampens hopes of ever seeing the film.

Arjun Sethi
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