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Olympia in Tokyo: Emma Hinze is “shocked” by the horror hotel as accommodation

Emma Hinze from Cottbus was “shocked” by the accommodations in the athletes’ village, she “definitely doesn’t want to experience” the infamous quarantine hotel and the competition cannot assess her after a good 18 months Corona break. Germany’s great hope for gold faces the start of the track cycling competitions at the Olympic Games on Monday before an uncomfortable journey into the unknown. If it goes as perfectly as in her triple World Cup coup in Berlin shortly before the pandemic, she will leave Tokyo as a big star in the German Olympic team. But she doesn’t want to be maddened by the great chance of three gold medals.

Emma Hinze feels pressure in Tokyo

“I can tell that there is pressure, but I won’t let it get to me,” emphasizes Hinze before the start on Monday in the team sprint with colleague Lea Sophie Friedrich. The 23-year-old does not want to set up a medal extrapolation, has never done it in her career and no longer has to. Expectations are huge after their successes. The experienced national coach Detlef Uibel knows that too: “With the results from Berlin, especially with the women, we have a duty to do. We have the clear objective of wanting to follow up on it without all of us talking about gold. “

Because there are still many question marks. For 18 months there has been no trial of strength with the big nations on the international stage. No World Cup, no European Championship and no World Cups either. Hinze was only allowed to present her World Cup jerseys at the Cottbus Grand Prix in June, but that too had more of the character of a German championship. “It’s exciting to meet again after a year and a half, but we’ve adjusted to it,” says Uibel.

That is the Cottbus cosmos of world champion Emma Hinze

Maximilian Levy between Olympia and family

Internal reviews and international training partners should compensate for the missing races for “competition type” Hinze. Sprints against the men were also on the program. So it fits very well that her partner Maximilian Dörnbach is on the team as a former junior world champion and also stands by as a substitute driver in Japan. According to the watt numbers and the times, the Hildesheim native Hinze as well as the two years younger Friedrich – after all twice world champion – have gotten better. But that also applies to the competition. Kristina Vogel, the great predecessor of Hinze and who worked as a TV expert in Tokyo after her serious accident, has already discovered this in the past.

Maximilian Levy criticizes Athletendorf

Five years ago in Rio, as a young substitute starter, Hinze received free object lessons on how Vogel let all the pressure and adversity bounce off – and raced to gold. Hinze has plenty of adversity in Tokyo. After the Simon Geschke case, who tested positive for Corona despite the vaccination, Hinze had great concerns. “If you prepare for a long time, get an extra vaccination and pay attention to everything, and then you see that it can still happen, that you are positive. I thought that was bad, ”said the blonde.

In the opinion of the German track radasse, the athletes’ village, which the veteran Maximilian Levy described as “underground”, is also bad. The rail cyclists are accommodated near Izu a good three hours from Tokyo. “The village is from 1964, very old. Nothing is well looked after and maintained. Sometimes an Olympic flag is missing or something that indicates that we are at the Olympics, “says Levy, but he also notes:” We are used to grief and worries. “

One can only hope for Hinze and Co. that there won’t be any nasty surprises on the track.

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