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Kreispokal Ostholstein: TSV Neustadt striker with six booths

Football fans waited in vain for surprises in the Ostholstein District Cup on Sunday afternoon. There were two clear favorite victories to record. Landesliga club Sereetzer SV had no problems in the 6:1 against SV Großenbrode, who kicked three classes lower. TSV Neustadt made it much clearer: The gogenkrog team, which has been supported by the two former Cismarers since this summer Tony Böhme and Mark Klukas is coached, shot down the completely overwhelmed TSV Westfehmarn from the district class B smoothly with 17:0.


SV Großenbrode – Sereetzer SV 1:6

The expected one-sided matter became it on the Sound. The green and white underdog understandably focused from the outset on defending and preventing goal-scoring scenes for the opponent. Until the 26th minute, when Ray-Colin Ebeling successfully completed, the bulwark withstood the pressure. Camel Eljeh was only able to make it 2-0 shortly afterwards before it was again Ebeling who recently came from SVG Pönitz. The final decision then shortly after the change of sides: Felix Hinkelmanns 4:0 followed by the follow-up goal of Lukas Weilandt. The substitute only four minutes earlier Marvin Lindau however, quickly restored the old four-goal gap. The final point was set by Captain Lennart Göhlert just before the end of this encounter.

Peter Thomm (SVG): “My boys did quite well against a really strong national league team. The result, of course, is perfectly fine. As expected, we were defensive and made it as difficult as possible for the opponent. The first 25 minutes we succeeded until the 0:1 fell. On the whole, I am satisfied with the performance. In the end, the difference in the leagues is simply too high.”

Andreas Beyer (SSV): “Overall, an all-round sovereign appearance and highly deservedly won. At the end of a strenuous week, we confidently moved into the next round. The only thing that can perhaps still be criticized is that we missed one or the other goal chance. But in the end, we made it one lap without any danger.”

TSV Westfehmarn – TSV Neustadt 0:17

Goal spectacle on Schlagsdorfer Straße in Petersdorf on the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn: With a 17-0 Kanter victory in their luggage, Verbandsliga club TSV Neustadt returned home early on Sunday evening. The story of this more than one-sided duel is quickly told, because after only 45 minutes Neustadt led with a whopping 11:0. With even more effectiveness in terms of exploiting chances, even a few more goals would have been possible, so that Westfehmarn could have complained about over 20 goals conceded. Man of the Match was today without ifs and buts Maxim Walter. The striker, who had come from SC Cismar, netted six times alone. But also the triple goal scorers Bennet Storm and Iber Osdautaj had reason to cheer. Further successful trials were carried out. Henner Nissen, Mika Hartmann, Tom Gutsch as well as Joker Jasper Weidenthal.

Tony Böhme (Neustadt): “You could clearly see the league difference. Right from the start we put pressure on and were already 11-0 ahead at the break. The only drawback today was perhaps the exploitation of opportunities. Many thanks to Westfehmarn for a very fair game from the first to the last minute. I wish them every success in the league.”

Do SVG Pönitz and TSV Lensahn fulfil their duties during the week?

On Tuesday there will be a clash between SV Dissau and Verbandsliga club SVG Pönitz. Kick-off on Dissauer Dorfstraße is at 7.30 pm. The last quarter-finalist will be determined on Thursday evening between Bujendorfer SpVg and TSV Lensahn (7 pm). The games of the sixteenth final are not yet scheduled.

The results of Saturday can be found here.

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