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Kim Kardashian and her copy of Myron’s Athena

Whe is the Athena of Myron? It was created in bronze in the fifth century BC by Myron, one of the most important sculptors of Greek antiquity. Of course, her original is not preserved, as is none of Myron’s works. But the Athena exists in Roman marble copies, they allow the reconstruction of its appearance.

And who is Kim Kardashian? She is an American entrepreneur, reality TV actress and influencer. Three years ago, she even invited President Trump to the White House to influence her. Well, the Greek goddess Athena was also considered gifted. In addition, the two may even sister up the matter with original and reconstruction a bit. Recently, there is another delicate connection between Athena and Kim. The latter is said to have ordered a copy of the former some time ago for the furnishing of their common home with the husband Kanye West in Los Angeles. More precisely, it is a fragment of the same, namely the lower half of a limestone statue, from the first century AD, at least it probably is.

The aforementioned Athena and the Satyr Marsyas in Frankfurt's Liebieghaus

The aforementioned Athena and the Satyr Marsyas in Frankfurt’s Liebieghaus

Photo: Wonge Bergmann

The American customs had already confiscated this part in 2016. The container in which it was stuck came by plane from Italy, and it is said that half of Athena was firstly stolen, secondly illegally exported from Italy and thirdly addressed to Kim Kardashian. Not pretty. Especially not if at the beginning of the supply chain there is supposed to be a well-known, interior design highly talented art dealer from Belgium, whose name is rather concealed for the time being; after all, nothing has been proven yet. However, the American government has just applied to the court in Los Angeles for the repatriation of the statue; Italy understandably wants them back.

Kim Kardashian never ordered her, she says, never saw her and never knew about her. From the Belgian dealer there is apparently no comment yet. However, if you want to know how beautiful the Athena of Myron looked, in (almost) the entire piece, you can consider it a Roman marble copy in the Liebieghaus in Frankfurt. And in the garden of the museum stands as a bronze full reconstruction the group of two, to which the goddess originally belonged, together with the satyr Marsyas. In the end, not a really happy acquaintance. However, Kim Kardashian does not have it easy at the moment, because of the separation from her husband, who is a rapper and certainly very different from Marsyas. But still. She really doesn’t need trouble with Athena.

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