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Johnny Depp wants to portray Amber Heard as a liar

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met in 2011 while filming “The Rum-Diary”. The divorce ended in a mud fight. Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas and Tolga Akmen / AFP

According to Amber Heard, it was a violent attack against her that finally ended their marriage in May 2016. Johnny Depp insists that his ex-wife is lying. And has witnesses for his version of events: Four officers of the Los Angeles police and recordings from the bodycam of the police officers. The cops want the “pirate of the Caribbean” in his $ 50 million delander lawsuit against Heard in the court of Fairfax County (US state of Virginia) for himself.

Heard swore in the divorce documents that Depp had thrown a phone in her face and severely devastated the kitchen of their shared penthouse apartment during a real fight. She described that the chandelier was broken, glass splinters scattered all over the floor, and red wine stains were sprayed on the carpet and on the walls. According to Depp’s lawyers, four police officers had appeared in the apartment within the next two hours because Heard’s friends had accidentally alerted the 911 emergency call twice.

Images Security Camera Court Records

15 minutes after the alleged incident, Tyler Hadden and his colleague Melissa Saenz, who specializes in domestic violence cases, arrived at the apartment. Both had sworn in previous statements that they had not seen any injuries to Heard’s face or signs of devastation.

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This is underpinned by an unnamed second cop duo who arrived 60 minutes later. They had body cameras on their uniforms. According to the Daily Mail, the three-minute footage from Depp’s and Heard’s $1.5 million home shows there were no signs of damage, stains in the kitchen, or smashed chandeliers.

Images Security Camera Court Records

Heard had later filed a photo of herself in los Angeles Supreme Court showing facial injuries that Depp allegedly inflicted on her.

Depp lawyer Adam Waldman: “The LAPD bodycam from the night shows that the statements of Amber Heard and her friends were terrific lies. You can’t believe her!”

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