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Jason Alexander unpacks about marriage

Britney and Jason didn’t want to divorce

Britney Spears and her childhood friend Jason Alexander made headlines in 2004 when they drunkenly said “I do” in Las Vegas. Their marriage was annulled after only 55 hours. As Jason reveals today, this was not voluntary. Because: The then 22-year-old and her boyfriend were forced to do so by Britney’s family!

What was going on at night in Las Vegas?

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail, Jason claims that the “controlling forces” currently gathering around Britney have always had a grip on her. He means Britney’s mother Lynne and father Jamie. “What they did to Britney and me would have made all the warning bells ring,” Jason says today.

How did the wedding come about?

Britney and friends had celebrated New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. There they are said to have celebrated, drank and had sex for three days, according to Jason. “It was five o’clock in the morning and we were sitting in bed talking. She asked me to go on tour with her. I told her I couldn’t. I was in college on a football scholarship. Then she asked me to get married,” Jason says of the famous night. “We felt that this was a way to be together. Britney already felt trapped, everyone made money with her. We thought if we were married, they would have to allow us to be together.”

The two sneaked out of their suite past Britney’s security guards, rented a limo and drove to a wedding chapel. For a marriage license, the driver took her to a courthouse that was open around the clock. With that we went to the altar.

Jason recalls, “Britney had no cash, even then she had no access to money. So I paid for everything, the wedding, the photos and the video.”

Britney’s family lied to Jason

But they had done the math without Britney’s family. The management and lawyers came to the hotel shortly after their lightning marriage. Jason recalls, “The men in black stormed in along with their mother and other family members and forced us to sign papers to end our marriage. We didn’t want to annul it. They lied to us. It’s always been about controlling Britney and controlling her money,” Britney’s childhood boyfriend claims. “I was told our marriage could hurt Britney’s career. I loved her and was a naïve child who was raised to trust and respect my family, just as they had done.”

The two were promised that if they annulled the marriage, they would be allowed to have a big wedding party after six months – if they still had the same feelings for each other. Later, however, you changed Britney’s number so that Jason could no longer contact her, the 39-year-old asserts in the “Daily Mail” interview. Britney’s PR team had described the wedding as a “joke marriage” at the time. But for him it was true love at that time.

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Britney is fighting for her freedom!

In the same year, Britney had married her background dancer Kevin Federline. With him she had the sons Jayden (15) and Sean (14). In 2007, the separation followed. With a public nervous breakdown that ended in a bald shave, Britney made headlines in 2008. She was taken to a clinic and struggled with mental health problems. Since this year, the singer is also under the guardianship of her father.

Jason says today, “She’s living a nightmare that’s much worse than anyone can imagine — much longer than people think.” Britney Spears is said to have been trying to break out of guardianship since 2014. She is no longer alone in the fight today: With a new lawyer at her side, she could finally succeed! Partner Sam Asghari also bravely stands by the singer’s side.


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