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Inseparable: Do MGK and Megan Fox already have marriage plans?

Will Machine Gun Kelly (31) and Megan Fox (35) soon take the next step? It has now been about a year since the musician and the actress first showed their love in public. Again and again, the couple proves since the announcement of their relationship, how happy they are with each other. But what about plans for the future? As an insider has now revealed, it will allegedly not be too long before the two get engaged!

how Entertainment Tonight reported, the couple is said to be “quite inseparable”. The Americans are also said to have already talked about marriage plans and children: Allegedly, Machine Gun Kelly one day start a family with the model, but at the moment is not the right time for it. “As for the engagement, it’s likely to happen sooner rather than later”, the source thought he knew.

The fact that the two are really serious about each other should be known to everyone by now. After all, the singer even wears a chain with the blood of his loved ones around his neck. As the 31-year-old in the The Ellen DeGeneres Show Megan gave him the jewel when she had to leave the country for a film shoot. “Some might take a handkerchief – she gave me her DNA”he joked.

Actress Megan Fox with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly
Megan Fox's blood in a chain

Instagram / machinegunkelly

Megan Fox’s blood in a chain
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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